Cellulite? We can help you

It is defined as a simple aesthetic defect but in reality cellulite is much more than that. It affects practically 90% of women and makes no distinction between thin and curvy, between young girls and middle-aged women.

Creams, massages, diets are not necessary: cellulite is caused by a stagnation of liquids in the tissues and can only be fought with a healthy prevention, which limits its appearance and slows down its course. Correct movement is essential to help circulation in the legs, and try to limit the damage or reduce it as much as possible.

That’s why the Figurella Methodthe only one based on a healthy, correct and active lifestyle – is also effective in combating hated cellulite. Controlled physical activity in the thermo-active bed Figurella helps to improve muscle tone, counteracting the much hated fat pads, the most visible signs of cellulite on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and hips. Bathing in the cabin with active oxygen, on the other hand, helps the blood microcirculation, helping to prevent stagnation that can create the onset of cellulite.

The physical activity proposed by the Figurella Method, performed correctly, helps the woman to best face the appointment with the scale, but especially with the meter: because health is not a matter of weight, but of centimeters! Remember it.

Come to Figurella. We offer you a qualified free session, without obligation, to make the complete analysis of your figure. You will discover what the Figurella Method can do for you.

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