Cellulite Treatments


Cellulite is seen as a simple aesthetic defect but in reality cellulite is much more than that. It affects practically 90% of women and makes no distinction between thin and curvy, between young girls and middle-aged women. Cellulite is a buildup of a fat underneath the skin

What causes cellulite?

Mainly, cellulite is caused by a stagnation of liquids in the subcutaneous tissue. The amount of cellulite present in your body depends on genes, bad posture, sedentary lifestyle, body fat percentage and a bad nutrition. A diet rich in sugars, salt and fat or lacking water consumption could also cause formation of cellulite. Other factors include inheritance, weight gained, sedentary lifestyle, bad posture, hormonal imbalances and a diet rich in fats and sugars.

In some cases, what we commonly call “cellulite” is instead the manifestation of localized adiposity (accumulation of fat) or water retention, two phenomena that can be treated with a targeted strategy.

This condition normally begins after puberty because a primary cause is an increase in adipose tissue due to estrogen production.

How to fight cellulite?

Lotions, massages, and diets have little (if any) impact. The only correct term for treating cellulite is “decreasing its appearance”. Cellulite does not go away completely but its aesthetic defects could be alleviated. This process takes time and a lot of commitment. There is not one solution but a combination of actions that could lead to an improvement: eating healthy, exercising and detoxing.

Does exercise help with cellulite?

The correct exercise is essential to help circulation in the legs that, in its turn will improve cellulite appearance.  Most of the time cellulite is strictly related to weight gain and therefore exercising and eating healthy will help. Decreasing fat cells dimension will automatically decrease cellulite appearance.

It remains ensured that the best way to guarantee an improvement is a good combination of healthy nutrition and exercise to detox the body from impurities.

Is there a cellulite cream or massage that works?

Certainly, there are cosmetics that can help to fine-tune the skin’s texture and massages that drain liquids at the microcirculation level, but only a proper lifestyle regimen can lead to in-depth results.

The biggest mistake is rely only on creams or only on machines. Despite the fact that a superficial effect can be perceived quickly, we need to always remember the importance of the deeper causes of cellulite. Whether is a matter of weight gain, nutrition mistakes or genes, the only always-good advice is a healthy lifestyle made of a combination of strategies. This could definitely include creams and products as well as massage and other aesthetic treatments. 

How does Figurella help with cellulite?

The Figurella Method – a natural science based method that gives you the instruments to learn how to find and maintain a healthy, correct and active lifestyle – is also effective in combating hated cellulite. Controlled and targeted physical activity in the thermo-active Bubble, helps to improve muscle tone, counteracting the much hated fat pads, the most visible signs of cellulite on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and hips.

Bathing in the Figurella Oxygen, on the other hand, helps the microcirculation, helps maximizing the lymphatic system functions and prevents stagnation of liquids that can create the onset of cellulite.

The physical activity and the nutrition changes proposed by the Figurella Method, followed correctly and on a weekly base constitute the best prevention and cure to cellulite. Figurella helps women to best face a weekly appointment with the scale, but especially with the measuring tape. Health is not just a matter of weight, but also of inches. Reducing the circumferences on our body means also a better tissue structure that promotes good blood and lymphatic circulation. After all, the World Health Organization has revised its parameters considering the size of the waistline as a health index.

The Figurella Method not only fights cellulite and teaches fitness, but also helps you feel good inside and out. When we feel good we look good. And looking good is very important for women. Knowing to be able to wear any outfit or to go to the beach feeling proud and confident improves our life.

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