The Bubble Workout

Figurella bubble workout to burn fat

The Figurella Method has the foundation of 40 years of experience in woman wellbeing. The unique Figurella method is also called the Enzymatic Reactivation System (ERS) which consists in restoring the correct functioning of the metabolism but also of the lymphatic system and blood circulation to all of those areas of the body that suffer from excess of adipose tissue or cellulite.

On this concept, the Figurella Bubble was designed to assist women during an effective, short and low impact workout. The Bubble machine was created to bring and keep the body at its ideal body temperature, 98.6 F degrees. At this temperature our body functions at the maximum speed.

Best workout for women

Every client is assigned with and performs a physical activity routine of 30 minutes or so in our Bubble. This incredibly comfortable machine controls the individual body temperature for the entire duration of the workout routine.

This type of workout makes sure the individual reaches from the first few minutes and maintains the ideal body temperature of 37°C or 98.6°F for the whole time. This temperature is the one which our body was designed to work at. An optimal condition that makes our vital function more likely to give us a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to this temperature no warm up is required. This allows also to spare some time and concentrate to do the most in the least time. Also, even though the movements are very low impact, the temperature helps preventing any muscle injury.

This conditions also help reducing the appearance of cellulite and orange peel skin. Indeed, if we measure the temperature of the skin in the areas with the presence of cellulite or cumulated fat this temperature can drop to 35°C. On top of that Figurella is personalized for every woman, of any age, any fitness level, with any injury and for any goal one might have in mind. When you do the Figurella method just as we suggest, two or three times a week, you get results right from your first couple of weeks

Weight loss and tone in the Bubble

With the body warmed up at the ideal temperature, we are able to burn fat and count on faster enzymatic reactions. This temperature is also key for a perfect workout and for a fast muscle recovery. The movements are low impact and targeted to reduce specific stubborn areas that could vary from person to person but at the same time we can tone up the muscles thanks to the resistances that the bubble is equipped with.

To sum up the Bubble workout benefits, we can say that this Figurella piece of equipment that allows to: 

  • Break down fat and reduce fat cells volume
  • Improve the lymphatic system and blood circulation
  • Optimize enzymes activity
  • Tone the muscles and the skin

Furthermore, the increase in the lean mass results in a huge stimulation for the metabolism. Further along the Figurella program, after achieving any weight loss goals, we help you build up the muscle mass. The increased muscle mass burns more calories – even when you’re at rest. According to Wharton, 10 pounds of muscle would burn 50 calories in a day spent at rest, while 10 pounds of fat would burn 20 calories.

Personalized service and attention: Figurella Assistants

All the above is perfectly matched with the motivation and support of the Figurella Assistants. We do not allow any customer to workout on their own. We provide a high end service and an extremely high level of attention to the customer. 

The only job our customers have is to keep up with the counting of the repetitions. The assistants always keep an eye on the posture, the proper execution of the movements and prevent the clients to perform exercises that are not adequate. 

We study each client’s body to create a perfect set of movements to shape and tone the requested and required areas. Throughout the Figurella program we switch the movements and little by little we train the body to become stronger, more elastic and coordinated.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone, reduce cellulite appearance or just adopt a healthy lifestyle, Figurella is the right answer. 

Want to shed a few pounds? Injured? Want to follow a healthier lifestyle?Not a problem. We have the right program for you

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