Making self-care a priority

You are worth it & you deserve it

Do you know that studies have shown women workout a significantly lower amount than men? Is it because women need less fitness in their lives than men? Absolutely not! We need it more if you consider what our bodies go through and the health issues we’re more prone to. 

When it comes to balancing we can all relate to the struggle but doesn’t have to be that real if we stop, step back and assess long term effects of not making self care, health & fitness a priority. Now is the time to identify the barriers that may be holding us back and discover solutions specifically for women.

#1 – Women do it all

There’s no doubt that women can do it all which makes it impossible to feel like we can squeeze in another task into our day. The demands of balancing a career, children, housework, and others around us makes it difficult for women to make their own health a priority. Here’s the thing, without taking time for yourself you’ll end up burnt out and unable to keep up the juggling act. When you make self-care & health a priority you’ll find feeling good, inside and out. It allows you to take care of your responsibilities as the best version of yourself!

#2 – Physical wellness

Let’s circle back to why fitness and self-care are crucial to women’s health. Women have increased risks for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, colon cancer, and depression. The good news is that studies have shown that increasing physical activity, along with dietary changes, can dramatically decrease the risk of developing these health issues that are specific to women. Incorporating low impact fitness routines into your daily routines will work as a preventative measure and help maintain your health goals.

#3 – Mental health

Once you have strategies in place for being physically active and paying attention to your self-care you’ll rediscover your strength and confidence. Empowering yourself will show the world that stereotypes of women as inactive, just-stay-at-home mothers with no physical prowess is ridiculous. Taking time to feel your best will show and even help to remind fellow women that they are strong and deserve happiness and health.

The Figurella method & self-care

Figurella Weight Loss Method is a completely personalized system entirely dedicated for women. We developed our method to work with women, one-on-one, to create effective strategies for overcoming the barriers listed above. Your personal assistant will work with you to assess your prioritization of self-care in your daily life. Helping women gain tools for feeling comfortable with claiming time for their self-care may facilitate greater maintenance of a self-care activity like physical activity.

At the end of the day, if you managed to make the effort despite the many roles/hats women have to wear, you and those who depend on you will have the healthy, happier lifestyle women especially are deserving of.

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