Menopause: What you need to know

The female body changes a lot around the age of 60. Have you thought about it? Only a correct lifestyle will allow you to age well. Figurella has a specific program for menopausal women. Find out why diet alone is not enough and why it takes a method to navigate this new phase and chapter of a woman’s life.

What can women expect when starting menopause?

Menopause is a very delicate period for us women. The female body may start to round out because of the metabolism changes. Even those who have lived in a slim, tone body still have to deal with body and waist line changes. The reduction of estrogen begins slowly and reaches its peak when you are in full swing menopause. The drop of estrogen causes major changes in women’s lives that affects the body and also the mood. When the metabolism slows down even our skin and hair start to become drier and thinner.

A new phase has begun, that of maturity, which can be beautiful and fulfilling if we are aware that our body, today more than ever, needs a proper lifestyle to stay healthy and fit for a long time. The objective problem now is to age well and delay as much as possible all the pathologies that go with maturity: osteoporosis, joint pain, chronic fatigue …

There is a new normal to expect and panicking or letting yourself go is not the answer and does you no good. Women in menopause will have mood swings that tempt you to eat more than you normally would so you need someone to help you stay on track. You need someone to help you follow a new lifestyle that should include lots of activity and movement. 

Using the Figurella method to manage menopause

The Figurella Method has a specific program calibrated with woman in menopause. We will not give you impossible exercises, but gentle movements that correctly move the whole muscular system. You will improve physical endurance and begin to see the global remodeling of your figure. Our clothes will fit better, because you are now able to lose the inches and the extra pounds. Above all your overall mood will have a huge benefit, thanks to moderate and constant physical activity, as opposed to hormonal ups and downs. 

Aging well is essential so do not overlook this important moment of your life. It is never too late to start following a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Figurella knows how to help you through menopause because it is our mission to assist every woman and every body.

Make the right choice!

We at Figurella have already tested it all over the world on thousands of women and now you can put our experience and results into place. We promote women’s health and wellbeing, beyond aesthetic beauty. 

Come to us twice a week, always by appointment only. No waiting, no files, no useless chatter! Only moderate physical activity,  30 minutes in our thermal bed, and then 15 minutes of oxygen booth, to tone the skin, to prevent skin relaxation, but above all to help the blood microcirculation. The oxygen bath and the controlled temperature workout helps stimulate and boost enzymes activity. Therefore Figurella will maximize the effect that you can get out of your physical activity. On top of this you will receive nutritional guidelines to maximize results. All based on 1 on 1 personalized plan with a personal assistant to use as support and guidance.  All based on 1 on 1 personalized plan with a personal assistant to use as support and guidance.

Would you like to know more? Click here to book your free consultation today and start using our help to successfully maneuver menopause and your wellness journey today!

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