Arms Fat Removal

Women cumulates fat in pretty stubborn areas of the body and sometimes it gets complicated to get rid of it.

Arms, for example, are a very common spot for fat accumulation. The tissue in this area is very delicate and it could become a nightmare having to get rid of fat when the skin have already gotten loose. This is one more reason why we should prevent gaining weight.

Arms are a very visible part of our body and especially in some seasons we want to wear outfits that show them off. Not feeling good about our arms could cause discomforts and it is a very common problem among women.

So whether you are suffering for this reason or you know somebody that is wondering how to get rid of arms fat, read through this article and get well informed on how to resolve this issue naturally.

Can you get rid of arm fat naturally?

Flabby arms can be toned and the fat cumulated in the area can be reduced but it is not an easy task.

Research has shown that doing tons of arm exercises don’t burn arm fat unless you combine this activity with a healthy nutrition that will provide with overall weight loss.

Another very important factor in answering this question is the skin texture. If the skin is loose and dry it can be harder to fully recover the arm shape. This is sometimes related to aging but not always.

Testosterone level could also affect. If the level is low, your body may be more inclined to store fat. When this happens we could cumulated in areas like the arms. Checking our hormones yearly starting around 45 years old could help preventing any weight change.

So, to answer the question, yes it is possible. What is harder to determine is how the skin will react to this. With the help of the Figurella experts you’ll be able to get a very precise answer to this question.

How to get rid of arms fat?

Lifting the arms sideways, with the palms up, up to the shoulder hight, we can see our reflection on a mirror and evaluate how much the arm fat is affecting us.

Normally the weight of the fat makes a section of the arm dropping close to the armpit. For this reason this characteristics is also called “arms wings”, “taxi wings” or “bingo wings”. Lifting up the arm or waving at someone you can feel the flabby area moving. This could be the first bell to start working on your arms fat before it gets too heavy, causing a skin damage.

Other than some hormonal factors explained above, there is one main reason that stands out while evaluating why we gained fat in the arms area. This reason is the excess of calories.

Our body reacts like a regular non-electronic scale:

  • if our calories intake is higher than the calories that we burn, we gain weight.
  • If they are equal we maintain
  • if they are lower we lose weight.

On top of this women, especially due to hormonal reasons, cumulate the fat in specific areas like the arms. Therefore, calories in excess are the worse enemy of arm fat. 

Combining physical activity with a balanced nutrition will have a positive impact on the arm fat reduction as well as on the overall body health.

Some other factors that could benefit the paths towards having more toned and lean arms are:

  1. Overall weight loss is key 
  2. Tone up using some light weights
  3. Do some cardio for at least 1 hours, 3 times a week
  4. Cut carbs and sugars
  5. Stay hydrated.

Arm fat workout – Figurella Solution

As we mentioned above, research shows that it is almost impossible to get rid or ams fat just by exercising. What does this mean? That a complete change in the body is necessary to achieve a results in the arms

A lot of women ask us if it is possible to get rid of arms fat. Our answer is: it depends. Can it improve? Yes! Absolutely. But each body is different and we have to evaluate yours before giving you an answer.

Figurella has a lot of experience with arms fat since most of the women are affected by this discomfort. The method has designed some movements that will not only help tone but also burn the fat thanks to the temperature in the Bubble.

Also, Figurella is a lifestyle changing system that not only provides you with a unique physical activity, created only for women and targeted for your body type. We also provide you with nutritional secrets to succeed.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment please go to this link and schedule a Figurella free consultation.

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