Get back in shape after baby

get back in shape after pregnancy

Getting back in shape after a pregnancy is every mom’s nightmare. The body changes and hormones affect women’s body very deeply. Therefore, it is sometimes challenging getting back to the regular pre-pregnancy weight.

It is hard but not impossible, though. This article is going to explain how to improve the chances to recover promptly.

Pregnancy: How much weight do we gain.

Let’s start by understanding how much weight it is normal to gain during a pregnancy.

First of all, it is important to say that your weight before pregnancy affects this data. Average weight women might gain between 25 to 35 pounds while overweight women should only gain up to 25 pounds.

Gaining less than the recommended weight during the pregnancy could mean that the baby risks to be too small. Vice versa, gaining too much could mean the opposite. For this reason it is very important to check the weight constantly during the pregnancy and to remain constantly under a specialist supervision.

Your body after baby: Where, what and when.

Congratulations! You and your body have been working overtime to grow, nurture and deliver the gift of life. Surprise! The body you started with pre-pregnancy will unfortunately not be patiently waiting for you to slip into after giving birth. A new baby means a new set of physical and mental demands that might make us feel lost and looking for the skin we were once in. 

After Baby Belly

After childbirth many women wonder when and how they can start taking back what’s theirs beginning with…their body!

The area that suffers the most when it comes to body changes after pregnancy is definitely the belly area. Lose skin, stretch marks and cumulation of fat in this area very common.

At Figurella we believe women deserve to reconnect as soon as possible with the sense of feeling sexy and feminine again. Getting your body back after having a baby doesn’t have to be so hard. 

We approach the fat cumulated in the stomach area with our 3 steps method:

  • first of all, the workout in the Bubble targets fat cells dimensions. The movements created for each body type, fitness level and eventual injuries, combined with the temperature of 98.6 F degrees are key to burn fat and tone the muscles. Water retention, very common in this phase is one of the first things to improve and give a feeling of freshness.
  • Second, the oxygen bath allows to boost the energy and the metabolism. Enzymatic reactions are maximized for up to 72 hours, accelerating all your body functions, like fat burning and digestion.
  • Third, nutrition. If a long lasting and permanent result is what you really want we will help you to create a healthy nutrition routine that you can carry on even in the future. Understanding your personal balance between calories in and out is key to success and maintenance.

Our goal is to help you get back in shape safely and efficiently. The Figurella Method is so effective because it’s not a simple diet or a hardcore cardio regime to be imposed only for a few months, but a lifestyle!

Hot to get in shape after pregnancy with Figurella

Figurella is the solution to effectively and safely help you bounce back after baby. A unique place, frequented only by women – where you go by appointment only. Your assistant is there for you: 30 minutes of physical activity calibrated on your actual needs and then another 15 oxygen cabin. Shower and away. Figurella assistants help you to optimize every single minute of your day.

The first results you will see immediately: inches to the hand. By attending twice a week, after just one month you will see your figure drying out at the critical points that pregnancy has destroyed: waist, belly, and hips. You will need to lean into your Figurella Assistant to help stayed motivated while also maintaining patience. The body needs time to recover after childbirth and especially if you are breastfeeding.  In your path to achieve post-pregnancy fitness goals you will not be alone. At your side, to support you and guide you, there will always be your Figurella Assistant: a professional figure trained to be consistent and patient at the same time, so that you can reach your goal in a safe place, without second thoughts and without wasting time

When to start exercising after pregnancy

Between the second and sixth month after the  baby is born is the ideal time. The feedings are now regular, so you can plan a couple of hours out of no worries. Your body needs rest and to settle down. In case of a c-section the regular suggested time to wait is 6 months to allow the scar to properly close.

Still not sure? Imagine the satisfaction of seeing the faces of your spouse, friends and loved ones in awe of the speed with which you returned to your pre-pregnancy clothing. Your friends will ask you how you did it as the extra inches are erased one by one. 

We will help you in one of the most difficult moments in a woman’s life: getting back to liking yourself and what you see in the mirror after giving birth. Feel like the strong beautiful women you are!

You don’t have to wait until after baby. Get ahead of the game: BOOK  your personal consultation for a customized method based on your body and its needs.

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