Figurella is a lifestyle

figurella lifestyle

There are several reasons why women end up at Figurella, but there is only one reason why our clients remain with us: Figurella is a lifestyle!

The Figurella Benefits

You might be wondering what benefits does the Figurella program give us. Read through this article to find out!

Metabolism boosts

Dieting without exercising makes you lose weight…but as soon as you stop your diet plan, you gain the weight right back. Why? Because only the correct combination of physical activity and healthy nutrition boosts your metabolism.

Lean is better than bulky!

Every woman wants to be lean and have the curves in the right spots. Figure + Bella … that’s what we do!

The Figurella Method aims at shrinking fat cells rather than increasing muscle mass. As a result, women look toned and lean without being bulky. This includes:

• Reducing the waist line

• Elongating the muscles and finding a feminine silhouette

Toning and reducing fat in stubborn areas like inner thighs, arms, lower stomach

Time management

Busy? 30 min of workout at Figurella is equivalent to 1.5 at the gym, plus a nutrition tips and other detox treatments. Also, for up to 72 your body functions will be maximized! Your time is important for us. This is why we are specialists in maximizing your results.

Too tired to workout? Figurella works by appointment with your trainers, we will keep you accountable and motivated.

You gave up on your body? Don’t! Who said that you need exhausting workouts to get the shape you want? Figurella promises results that are quick and long lasting. Just find the time to come in 2 hours a week.

Your back is hurting because of the long hours in front of the computer? Improving your core tone will relieve your pain.


While you tone up and slim down it is really important that you detox your body from impurities and wastes. Medicines, food and air all contain toxins and they make our body functioning slower.

• Improve your lymphatic system and blood circulation

• Increase the oxygen in your body for 72 hours

• Establish a routine that improves your overall health

Low Impact

Whether you have back pain, herniated disks, injured knees or shoulders, or other medical issues, Figurella can improve your health creating a program targeted for your needs.

Injuries should not stop you from exercising. Stopping is the worst you can do. In the Bubble you lay down and perform movements that have low impact on your back and joints. Also the oxygen is a natural anti-inflammatory. Just make sure you are doing something.

The initial consultation serves to determine what type of movements you can or cannot do. We personalize your exercise program and we can reduce the impact up to a 0%. The temperature in the Bubble will do the rest!

Strengthening is key to recuperate from an injury. Let us be on your side.

Perfect for teens

We teach young girls to exercise properly, take care of their body and eat healthy.

Mom and daughter programs are really common here. Come and spend quality time together. We will take care of the rest.

Hormonal changes start here and having a team behind your back will help you to face the challenges right in time.

Letting your body go is a habit that normally starts really young. This will make it really hard to make a change. Learn how to be healthy and fit since the very young age.

Eating right is fundamental for a healthy growth. At Figurella we introduce you to good and easy habits that will become your best friends.


Aging is a natural process that we do not have to be scared of. On the contrary it is important to face it and be prepared for the changes that our body will be subject to. Typical situations are:

Pre/post/during menopause the hormones give you a hard time controlling the weight. Figurella uses a constant routine to fight these natural stages. Oxygen and controlled temperature will boost your metabolism.

Loose skin. Weight changes, aging and not proper exercise and lifestyle habits could have had an impact on your skin. Improving your skin tone and elasticity is part of the Figurella benefits.

Your body is your temple and it needs special attention, especially now. The Figurella assistants customize each one of your session on your needs and moods. This makes the difference.

Quick fixes DO NOT work!

The optimal way of getting in shape is to combine physical activity, healthy nutrition, and detox treatments. Figurella requires you to be determined and committed to making a change in your lifestyle to achieve long-lasting results.

Personal attention

Our work ethic is: “Our ladies’ results depend on us!”. For this reason, we make sure you attend Figurella with the correct frequency, you stay motivated and you follow the correct nutrition every week.

So, follow the Figurella method to make your life longer. Studies show that people who engage in a constant leisure-time physical activity (low impact) had life expectancy gains of as much as 4.5 years.

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