Motivation: the secret to losing weight.

Unlock secrets to losing weight by being & staying motivated. Learning healthy lifestyle & outlook techniques, and finding motivation in peer support.

Along the course of life it takes a consistent amount of motivation to support our set goals. If you don’t believe in yourself and your capability you may fall short when it comes to reaching and achieving business and personal goals. The great news is you can learn how to stay on track and find motivation boosts in lifestyle techniques as well as strength from others.

When reaching any type of goal it will always come back to one major factor – motivation and having a plan to stay motivated. It’s the secret of success, especially when it comes to sports, diet or healthy lifestyle.

Your lifetime of achievements will be heavily based on your determination to set goals and overcome obstacles as they arise. Over time you’ll notice that you’re always going find a reason to give up and bumps in the road to your success. Like that one time you decided to get fit and signed up at the gym, but didn’t end up going. This happens when you are not motivated in a decisive way. If it’s important to you then it’s worth pushing forward and consistently circling back to what motivates you. What prompted you to set that goal and why?

“I must” vs “I want”

There are things we want to do, and then real life daily responsibilities. Remember that saying “I want” is easy but honestly, you’ll never really feel like it. Instead you can so start the steps with “I must” which adds a sense of urgency and can help transform your way of thinking. “I must start eating healthy,” instead of, “I want to…” will fight against the chances that you’ll never feel like it. We must transform the “I” in “I want”. Life is already so rich in “I owe” to face the small portion of freedom that remains to us. It’s better to focus on a more positive and profitable approach, the “I want”.

Motivation evolution

The reasons why each of us decide we want something varies. As we age we can see our goals and the basis for them evolve. At 15 years-old you wanted to look older and by 30 years-old you want to look as young as you can! The stages in life and what prompts us to set goals are diverse. What’s important to always keep in mind is what made you want to start. What was your initial motivation based on? Was it a genuine feeling to lose weight or are you trying to appease the masses?

Find a way to link your goals to a fun aspect like wanting to meet new friends, have more energy to play with your kids instead of just looking skinny. A challenge is called that because it’s difficult and by equipping yourself with substantial main motivations you’re more inclined to not only achieve the goal but find even more satisfaction in the success. How many times have you been persuaded by the friend / instructor / discount / last fashion and found yourself at home on the sofa? Were you really convinced?

Having peer support resources

If the results arrive, gradually, we are satisfied, and this strengthens our motivation towards the achievement of ever new goals. Often there is a need for a guardian angel, an external help that keeps reminding us of the motivation that prompted us to start.

This is the ambition of all the assistants of the Figurella centers, who work side by side with each client to give a boost and the positive energy of a success. Figurella personal assistants keep up the motivation by setting new small challenges. The secret of a good instructor or consultant is knowing how to leverage the most intimate desires of their clients. We can always use help and having an expert by your side helps especially when those road bumps come along. They help you remember why you started and reignite the flame.

Lifestyle & outlook

Embarking on a new journey means investing one’s energy and expectations in that project and desired end results. The fresh outlook is based on motivation that’s personal and is the first step towards a new lifestyle. The goal achieved will not only be gratifying in itself, but also because it will succeed in triggering a positive approach that concerns every aspect of life, a new style.

The secret password to unlock the steps to a new outlook is “I must” as in “I must start losing weight, inch by inch, so I can feel healthy and happy in my skin.” Go for it with the motivation spurred from new enthusiasm that virtually snowballs into continual, lifetime results in well-being.

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