Oxygen Benefits

Oxygen detox

Oxygen is what keeps our body alive. It is the most important element in nature and it has a lot of benefits if well introduced in our body.

Our body need oxygen to obtain energy to fuel all of our living process. Every tissue and every cell in our body needs a constant supply of oxygen to work properly. Let’s go to see what’s going on inside the Figurella Oxygen Bath

Figurella Oxygen Bath

One of the key elements of the Figurella Method is the active oxygen bath, which detoxes your body, keeps the skin tissue elastic, improves blood circulation and promotes metabolism boost.

After the Bubble Workout and an invigorating shower, the Figurella Method provides 15 minutes of oxygen.

The active oxygen starts to penetrate through your skin immediately and the first feeling you get is that the skin that finally “breathe”. The effects are beneficial for the muscles because the lactic acid gets released easily. The skin, which appears immediately smoother and more compact; and also for the mood, with an immediate anti-stress effect. A fundamental moment of the treatment, to close the session leaving you regenerated.


  • The active oxygen normalizes the blood pressure values
  • Stimulates cellular activity and vascular microcirculation in subcutaneous tissues (to help you fight cellulite and water retention)
  • Counteracts the feeling of heaviness in the legs – a problem that affects those who are overweight, pregnant, suffering from circulatory problems or those who often stand up for work reasons
  • Stimulates epidermal turnover (peeling action on the skin) and keeps the skin elastic (to prevent the formation of stretch marks)
  • Counteracts the formation of lactic acid in muscles
  • Raise energy level
  • Helps to relax and sleep better
  • Metabolism booster

Metabolic Boost

The metabolism is a generic term used to indicate all our body chemical reactions that break down food to provide us the energy necessary for the organism.

Every chemical reaction inside our body is like a “combustion”, and as any ordinary combustion, the metabolism needs oxygen to work better. The Oxygen trough the process called oxidation, chemically changes food and liquids into energy. That energy is necessary for our organs, contracts our muscles, repairs our cells, feeds our brain and also helps to calm the nerves.

At Figurella with only 15 minutes of oxygen, we can increase the oxygen level, we can help our body to improve all the essentials functions and the day after the treatment, we can burn around 400 calories more than usual. Attend frequently the Figurella Session and boost your metabolism.


Increasing the level of the oxygen in our body, all the chemical reaction, the cellular activities and the circulation receive a lot of benefits.

After a workout, our body, release a lot of toxins, which are nothing else than our fat cell waste. With the oxygen we can improve the blood circulation and the lymphatic system.

Lactic Acid

The production of excess lactic acid is one of the undesirable side effects when you exercise or resume exercise after a long period of inactivity. Our professionals know this well.

Problems begin when lactic acid production exceeds the indicated threshold due to an oxygen deficiency. This can happen with certain conditions (chronic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema…) or, more often, after intense physical activity – or moderate physical activity, but carried out by an untrained person. A trained person disposes of the excess lactic acid quickly and without major consequences, with a lightly fatigue phase of 15-20 minutes, but everything gets complicated if the person in question is sedentary. The oxygen baths of the Figurella Method are an excellent remedy against this unpleasant “side effect”.

At Figurella we give you the perfect combination of physical activity and oxygen bath. It’s time to start to change your lifestyle and take advantages of our exclusive method. 

Find out more about the Figurella Method, you can book a free analysis of your figure and a free trial session.

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