“Fajas” – Can I lose weight with it?

Let’s talk about “Fajas”. Those girdle-like garments that we women have used over the years to slim down and practically shape-shift to obtain that sought after hourglass figure. If you think about it, waist trainers have been around for centuries. In the 1500s, the corset was created for support and to push the torso into a more slimming shape according to what was considered to be desirable and fashionable. Today, the same principle design is applied to our waist-trainers. They are usually composed of a thick material wrapped around the torso fastened together by velcro, hooks or belts to ensure a tight fit. 

But are they good for us? If you want to found out more about them read through this article.

Can Waist Trainers Help Us Lose Weight?

Today, waist trainers are marketed as a way to lose inches, sculpt the body and obtain quicker weight-loss results, some even without the need to exercise. This however poses the question of whether or not this practice is truly safe and effective. 

When it comes to weight loss, the garment worn around the abdominal region can cause an increased amount of sweating as it compresses the fat and muscle mass in said area. It is possible to cause a reduction in inches but, one would need to wear the waist-trainer for prolonged periods of time. Once removed, it is highly unlikely to cause a dramatic change in shape of the waist. A feeling of decreased appetite is also possible but, this result is due to compression of the stomach. 

Waist Trainers during exercise

When used during exercise, it can cause a restriction in movement and make it harder to breathe especially when participating in strenuous workouts requiring oxygen. Although waist trainers can provide lumbar support and reduction in pain to those who are postpartum; prolonged wear for exercise can result in the weakening of core muscles and could result in an overall poor posture. This forced, prolonged compression could also force internal organs into positions that would be deemed unnatural hence affecting processes such as digestion and respiration. 

In summary, waist trainers could provide a short term change when it comes to a reduction in inches but has not proven to be an effective long term weight loss solution. In fact, they have proven to cause discomfort and have the potential to be a threat to overall health.

How to lose inches in the waist naturally?

The most sustainable method to lose weight especially around the abdominal region would be to participate in a regular exercise routine and to partake in a healthy diet

At Figurella, we pride ourselves on our holistic approach towards weight-loss and toning. A 30 minute targeted workout in the bubble heated at 37° C has been scientifically proven to be the optimum environment to initiate the fat burning process. You can sweat in your bubble while you burn fat and further detox in the oxygen bath whilst boosting the metabolism and improving overall circulation. Each client receives their personalized exercise and nutritional program according to their goals and needs and as such; has the ability to lose weight and tone target areas obtaining substantial results without the need of a waist trainer.

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