Burning fat is not as easy as it looks. The process of lipolysis is complicated and we cannot rely only just on some random physical activity or a short term diet. Women have to make an extra effort to get and stay in shape due to the hormonal changes that they go through. A healthy routine that includes balanced nutrition, low impact physical activity and detox treatment is fundamental to maintain a healthy and fit body. This is what Figurella does. It is a one-stop center in which you can find all that you need to achieve your body goals.



Figurella experts personalize workout routines for each one of our clients in order to provide a more targeted approach. The movements are created to elongate muscles and to shape a woman's curve. At Figurella we concentrate on reducing fat cells and improving lymphatic system and blood circulation in order to achieve a healthy and toned body.



Toxins play a big role in health and disease. Common symptoms of chronic toxicity are: fatigue, muscle aches, joint pain, sinus congestion, headaches, bloating, gas, constipation, sleep problems, water retention, skin problems, acne, bad breath etc. Stimulating the lymphatic system and blood circulation, together with healthy nutrition is the first step towards a clean body.

1. Bubble Workout

Fat Burning Workout

The thermogenic bubble workout takes place in a controlled temperature space which maximizes your metabolic rate. It is a 30 minute full body workout that is equivalent to 1.5 hours at the gym. It uses resistance bands and very specific low impact movements to tone and shape. Every exercise is designed to target and tone a specific area of the body. With dedication and commitment our clients see results within two weeks.

2. SpaShell

Detox & Boost the Metabolism

Secondly, you will step into the spa detox bath and you will just sit and relax as increased oxygen levels allow for improved blood circulation, boosts metabolism for 72 hours and leaves the skin with a natural glow. Finally, by purifying the body, you will feel energized.

3. Nutrition & Personal attention

Personalized nutrition plan & training

Our natural approach is supervised and followed step by step by our Figurella Assistants. Other than on your nutrition habits and making sure you are combining the program with a proper plan, they know your story and your goals. We walk the path with you and we keep you accountable and motivated.

4. A personal assistant to follow you

1 on 1 Service

One of our strongest qualities is an experienced and energetic personal assistant. Figurella is a truly unique place, run by women – for women. Unlike weight-loss centers or stereotypical gyms, Figurella provides you with a qualified, motivated and trained personal assistant. Their sole objective is to guide you, motivate you and ensure that you meet your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Figurella Weight Loss Method is a completely personalized system used for different body objectives. Read through the following questions and you will find your answers!

The Figurella weight loss method uses a patented bubble, gently warmed up to the body temperature to reach the fat burning zone faster. This is the perfect temperature to stimulate the body in the process of flushing fat. Figurella acts locally using light weight resistance. Thus we target problem areas specifically and we guarantee localized fat reduction.

The solution to the “pear shaped“ figure is not a slimming diet, as that tends to accentuate the disproportion. And running or cycling seems to have the opposite of the intended effect. Slimming of the hips requires a targeted weight loss program accompanied by gentle muscle toning, and this is where Figurella comes in using our patented bubble exercises. Combined with proper nutrition and our active oxygen bath, our program helps reduce water retention and pockets of fat accumulated on the hips, while helping to tighten the skin. Each session last 1 hour, including showering and changing, which is perfectly suited to fit into your day.

The healthiest way is lose weight without compromising your health. At Figurella you’ll begin to burn fat from your very first session. You’ll perform low impact, pilates-like exercises that target fat cell reduction. Getting rid of the fat in excess is the first step. The active oxygen bath helps the process, transforming your body in a fat burning machine for 72 hours.

Yes absolutely! Figurella is a 100% natural method that reshapes your body only where needed, returning your curves in all the right places. If your thighs are a bit too big, or you need more lift in your rear end, then Figurella is for you. A classic weight loss diet is not enough in your case because pounds will be lost randomly rather than in targeted areas. Figurella reshapes the figure only where needed and guarantees the result, sticking with you day after day until you achieve your final goal. We measure you by inches, not the scale!

Results may vary from person to person and their commitment to the program. Our centers have been helping women in Europe and Latin America achieve their body goals over 40 years. When you commit to us, we commit to you and if you do not achieve the goal we establish together, you may continue to use our program at no charge until you do.