Motivation is the secret

Motivation is the secret to success, even when it comes to sports, diets or a healthy lifestyle. From 5 to 70 years old, you have to find your own to achieve your goals and not give up. Maybe you don’t notice, but what you really get, you really want and for this reason you can.

How many times have you given up on your goals? You enrolled in the gym, and you didn’t go. You decided to lose weight, and you ate even more dessert.

This happens when you are not motivated in a decisive way. It’s not enough to start a journey, the risk of giving up is always on the lookout: you must first find the motivation.

If the results arrive, gradually, you are satisfied, and this strengthens your motivation, which grows towards the achievement of new goals. Often we need guidance, external help that keeps reminding us of the motivation that drove us to start. This is the ambition of all the assistants in the Figurella centres, who work alongside each client to give them the momentum and positive energy of success. In fact, keeping motivation high, being gratified, setting new small challenges is the secret of a good instructor or consultant, who must know how to leverage the most intimate desires of those facing him, especially when there are difficulties and you have to find the motivation. Because it is not always possible to do it alone.

Taking a new course and committing even just one moment a week means investing your energy and expectations in a project that is the first step towards a new lifestyle.

The goal achieved will not only be rewarding in itself, but also because it will stimulate a positive approach that concerns every aspect of life, a new style. The watchword is “I want”, even if the answer is as trivial as a roll less and a more toned body. If that’s what you want, the route leads straight to the result. Once that is achieved, with new enthusiasm if they follow and the virtuous circle towards health and wellness at 360 °.

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