Figurella NOW in Boston

Figurella, the world renowned women’s health and fitness method, has incredible news to share this month. Since 1980, Figurella has been growing and opening new locations all over the world, but this year we celebrate an important step. Despite the unexpected happenings of 2020, we are determined to bring this amazing method all over the United States. This May we welcomed to the family Figurella Newton, Massachusetts. 

Figurella Newton

“I am determined to show the value and the impressive results women can obtain with Figurella. For this reason, I’ll open another location myself despite the fact that the world is still awakening from this pandemic.” the owner said.

One of the partners of Figurella Doral, Chiara Migani, has moved up to Massachusetts to open Figurella Newton. The center is located fifteen minutes west of Boston in the core of Newton Center.
Figurella Newton has officially opened the doors to the public in May 2021. After only 2 weeks of operations Figurella has already contributed to the health improvement of 9 women that have lost a total of 25 pounds, started toning their body and most importantly, embraced a healthy lifestyle. 

Figurella is all about women’s health and fitness and being able to embrace a healthy lifestyle that can be easily maintained without causing any stress or physical discomfort. All the Figurella locations are safe and happy places in which women are always welcomed with a smile, attended with motivation and left with more energy and willingness to carry on this positivity throughout the days.

Chiara claims “Figurella has completely changed my life and thanks to it, I have positively changed others”. In 2015 she had moved to Florida, directly from Italy, to handle the company’s marketing and training department, but in the process she had decided to invest in this company and on this expansion project. After 3 years of the opening of her first location in Miami, she decided to move to Boston and open a second one. “The smiles, the gratitude, the changes in shape and size and also the relationships created with my clients filled my heart. I want to give this to more and more women. I found in Figurella my world and the perfect way of expressing myself and my capabilities at best.” Chiara says.

From Italy to Newton

Figurella is a lifestyle. Figurella e’ uno stile di vita. We invite women to adopt a weekly routine of exercise, detox treatments and nutrition tips to achieve any body goal. In our location we proudly offer:

  • a personalized and intimate service and approach
  • one on one attention
  • care for your time and results.
    Figurella is all about fulfilled dreams and not about empty promises. For this reason we do not sell “session by session” but we ask our customers to commit to us for a period of time that could vary depending on different factors.

Whether the goal is to lose weight, tone, reduce cellulite and water retention or just find a natural healthy lifestyle, Figurella is the place you are looking for.

Choose to dedicate one hour to your Figurella sessions, 3 times a week to obtain the health benefits that millions of women have been getting for 40 years all over the world.


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