Back pain – strengthen your back

We could say that almost 100% of adults have experienced some sort of back pain in their life. Unfortunately the causes can be so many that sometimes it’s hard to guess what is actually happening to us.

Back pain causes

Back pain can be caused by many different things such as muscle strains, sciatica, osteoporosis, as well as sitting for too long and keeping a bad posture. 

Muscle strains are caused through lifting something too heavy as well as repetitive injuries in the same muscle. 

Sciatica is a pain that starts in the spine and moves to the leg and could be caused by a slipped disk or another back injury. 

Osteoporosis is a disease where the bones become weaker and more brittle. 

Having good posture and standing more can really have a positive effect on any type of back pain you might experience, both in the lower or upper back.

Back pain caused discomfort not only during the day but also during the sleep. For this reason it is important to resolve the issue and avoid taking off of your schedule important rest time.

Back pain after Covid

People have been living a sedentary lifestyle for the past year and a half. Because of COVID, people have been sitting at home and not moving as much as they should be doing. As we are starting to move back into normality, it is important to reintroduce an active lifestyle. Strengthening your core can eliminate back pain you might experience. When your body is upright and aligned, it is less prone to having back pain.

Back pain during and after pregnancy

A woman can experience back pain through pregnancy as early as 12 weeks. There are causes that can make the back pain worse while being pregnant, some of which are stress, poor posture, and center of gravity. However, there are ways to help treat this back pain. Avoid lifting any heavy objects, try to take walking breaks if sitting for a long period of time, focus on posture especially when sitting, and wear the right shoes. After pregnancy, the back pain lasts for roughly six more months but can last up to a decade. Ways to help get rid of the pain are: taking lots of walks, maintaining a normal body weight, don’t lift any heavy objects, make sure to exercise and strengthen those core muscles that might have weakened during the pregnancy.

Back pain and home working

Working women are highly affected by back pain. The many hours in front of the computer, especially with home-working, and also the heavy bags they carry to transport documents and laptops around are two of the major causes. 

Figurella helps back pain

The Figurella method can help with back pain through low impact, personalized programs in addition to the detoxifying oxygen bath. A 30 minute workout in the temperature-controlled bubble is equivalent to an hour and a half of working out at the gym. Your workout program is fully personalized to match your body type and to match your goals. All the movements during your workout are low impact where at most you use resistance training of 1 kilogram. On top of this the horizontal position during the workout allows to avoid putting any pressure on the back and to isolate the core muscles to strengthen them. Our experts create adequate programs for any back injuries and utilize instruments as precaution to make the entire experience even safer.

Come see us at Figurella for a free consultation with our expert and try the amazing Bubble Workout!

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