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Women’s bodies change every year but their inner self might have a hard time recognizing it. In this article we explain how to get to your 60s ready, healthy and fit.

As Wikipedia says: “aging is the process of becoming older”. Therefore we can’t stop it. We have to accept that it is a process that is going to happen whether we want it or not.

Women’s Health – How aging affects us

Every decade our body changes and it becomes more and more important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Each phase is characterized by similar patterns and behaviors. Let’s see them together.

30s – I will fix it later…

Women see their bodies changing and aging very early. Starting from the 30s it is very common to start perceiving a metabolic difference that leads very often to weight gain. Also, this might coincide with a pregnancy that definitely puts a toll on women’s body.

This is however, the most fortunate age to fix weight gain. Our metabolism is still fast and our body still responds quickly to any change. We cannot let the years pass saying “I will take care of it”.

40s – I can’t do it! my body is not the same!

Most women report a major shift in the way their bodies reacts to different foods and to different physical activities when they turn 40. It starts getting harder and harder to stay in shape and especially getting back in shape when necessary.

This is the last “easy chance” to fix weight gain.

50s – My new normal…

When the 50s arrive, women begin to reject understanding and act against the fact that the body is not the same. They might feel exactly the same in terms of personality but the body functions have definitely changed. This reality rejection often creates other issues like sedentary life and blindness to weight gain.

The habits that we set around this age range are mostly habits that will remain with us forever. For this very reason it is fundamental to establish a body and mind connection and balance that will favor our health in the future.

A typical reaction that Figurella is used to seeing is the one of a woman that has not been exercising to avoid feeling old. Not accepting that muscles can’t do what they used to do in the youth is a very common scenario. If we stop exercising or we just decrease our fitness level, the body will then get used to a “new normal” and as we know, getting out of a habit is very difficult.

Intimate and friendly approach

At Figurella we encourage women to start an exercise routine that they can easily complete. Figurella offers a personalized and low impact approach that aims at encouraging you to keep working out and not stop due to soreness or muscle aches. Also, at Figurella we create a friendly and intimate environment in which women can meet and relate to each other. Each one of them is working towards their own body goals despite any age difference.

Being happy before going to exercise and satisfied after is key to maintain your preferred physical activity in your routine for a long time.

Figurella for women over 65

Often, when we reach a certain age, other impediments arise. Joints aches, shortness of breath and weak muscles are between the most common.

Figurella experts create a program dedicated to you and adequate to your physical needs. Nevertheless, you are never going to be alone. Your assistants keep your posture under control and make sure you are always doing what is best. It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle even at this age!

Nutrition tips over 65

What should the perfect nutrition be like when you’re over 65? Simple: balanced and varied, these are the cornerstones of nutrition.

  • Milk and yogurt provide calcium,
  • healthy carbohydrates should be included,
  • lean and organic sources of protein give us energy,
  • vegetables and fruit include very important micronutrients.

When we reach a certain age it is important to have a diet rich with vegetables and fruit and low in fat and sodium to keep the heart and brain in good health.

The other aspect of physical well-being is fitness. It is of great importance to maintain an active lifestyle while aging.

Nowadays there are infinite types of physical activity and it is sometimes a problem finding the proper one. After a certain age the factors we should consider are:

  • Low impact type of exercise
  • Reliable staff – knowledge
  • Women-friendly
  • Short – not too heavy sessions
  • Detox and nutrition included

Figurella has all these characteristics! Rely on our experts for your physical well-being! Contact your nearest centre now!

Don’t wait to be in your 60s! Call Figurella today!

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