4 tips for walking more every day

Do you move enough? Walking is the first step to taking care of your health in an easy way.

Daily life is marked by hectic rhythms and numerous family and work commitments and leaves little time for movement, sleep and social life. We are always late and we seem to run all the time, but in reality we do not move much. This is also because of the modern technology that allows us to do almost everything with minimal effort and physical commitment.

Have you ever wondered how much movement you do and if you walk enough? Here’s how to test yourself and, if necessary, embark on a more active lifestyle.

Use a pedometer.

Several studies have shown that it is a good idea to take 10,000 steps a day to maintain good health. To measure how far you walk, you can use a simple wrist counter or one of the many fitness apps available for smartphones.

Measure and evaluate your results.

Here’s how to interpret the results of your pedometers. Depending on how much you walk each day on average, you can define yourself:

  • < 5,000: sedentary
  • 5,000-7,499: poorly active
  • 7,500-9,999: physically active
  • >10,000: highly active

Make good use of your time.

10,000 steps is about 7 km. This means walking in total about 90 minutes a day, every day: don’t be afraid, it’s not much. Every opportunity is right to take a nice walk even of short duration. For example, why not use the after lunch break to take a short walk that will also benefit your digestion?

Small and healthy habits.

To walk so much we need to develop a strategy that allows us to change and correct our more sedentary habits. Just try to multiply the opportunities for movement, for example in this way:

  • always do the stairs instead of using the elevator or escalators
  • park your car at a distance from your destination
  • avoids the use of motor vehicles for small movements

In a short time you will find that walking more is really good for your health!

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