Tips for those who lead eventful lives

If you live a dynamic and active life:

– Avoid skipping meals thinking you can lose pounds and then lose weight faster. A lack of food intake could have negative consequences on your body such as sudden drops in pressure, fainting or dizziness.

– Avoid eating too little. If you start training or you live an exciting situation while your stomach is empty, you may experience gastrointestinal problems.

– Avoid skipping breakfast. Unfortunately, there are many people who skip breakfast and then in the middle of the morning, devoured by hunger, have a nice chocolate croissant with cappuccino. Wrong! Breakfast must be made every morning and it must be a healthy breakfast, try to keep away from pre-packed snacks rich in preservatives and unnecessary fats.

– Avoid eliminating carbs. Another mistake is to eliminate pasta and bread. Carbohydrates are essential for those who work out in the gym because they are slow-release, satiate for a long time and allow you to feel fitter. So you can easily eat pasta, obviously in limited quantities.

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