Prevention is the key

One of the most dangerous diseases of our century is sedentariness. According to World Health Organisation estimates, lack of movement is the cause of between 9 and 19% of all cancers. According to the World Cancer Research Fund, sedentary lifestyle combined with poor nutrition and excesses at the table are responsible for 20-25% of all cancer cases. To prevent cancer, we need to move and the confirmation comes from a study by the National Cancer Institute USA, which examined data of 1.4 million people between Europe and the United States: those who exercise are 7% less likely to get sick, but in a quarter of the neoplasms the risk falls by more than 20% to -42% of adenocarcinoma in the esophagus.

As regards women, constant physical activity reduces the risk of developing breast cancer by 12%. To reach this conclusion, the International Institute for Research on Prevention in Lyon considered 37 existing studies on the relationship between breast cancer and exercise that have appeared in the last 27 years and which have involved four million women.

The movement, done correctly, activates complex processes, in addition to simple weight control, and has beneficial effects on the immune system, metabolism and insulin response, stress and the nervous system, the cardiovascular system.

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