Educate children to a healthy diet

The first piece of advice is to educate parents to be patient and to keep firm rules to counter bad habits of children. 

A few hours less video games replaced by outdoor movement is certainly one of the first needs to stem the problem. But it is often the diet that is most complex to change.

Between the most common snacks or quick meals often appear junk foods that are poor in vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and all those nutrients essential for a balanced diet.

The consultation of experts in the growth phase assumes an important role.

Certainly the developmental age requires greater quantities of nutritional principles such as calcium, iron, vitamin D and protein to be taken through food. Fruits and vegetables – often detested by young children – are essential to assimilate the substances necessary for growth.

The advent of a child in the family must necessarily lead to changes in eating styles as well. If as a couple you often leave in the morning with a coffee on the fly, you have to change this unhealthy habit to avoid giving the child a wrong model, as well as an insufficiency of nutritional principles in the most important part of the day.

The consumption of an abundant breakfast of cereals, milk or yoghurt and fruit is the fundamental key to ensure health, good mood and a positive impact on cognitive abilities.

The good example of the family, therefore, is fundamental so that children do not feel forced to eat healthy but for this to become spontaneous it must become part of everyday life. Equal importance must also be given to the good habit of taking liquids throughout the day.

At Figurella we follow young girls starting with their first period. We approach the nutrition very kindly and we make sure each decision comes from their desire. Imposing is not a winning strategy.

For girls, following their mom while she takes care of herself is a very important lesson to learn.

Trust Figurella!

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