Back Fat Removal

It’s no secret that back fat is one of the most stubborn areas to target when it comes to weight-loss. Accumulation of excess fat clutches for dear life onto the rhomboid, trap and erector muscles. The aforementioned paired with a poor posture and tight fitting clothing causes skin to be untoned and even more pronounced and fold outwards forming ‘love handles’. 

In this article you will find out more about how back fat is cumulated, how to get rid of it and how Figurella approaches the issue.

How is back fat cumulated?

  • Lack of physical activity is the most common reason in which one can accumulate fat. Following a sedentary lifestyle results in burning less energy. Caloric intake is therefore, greater than caloric expenditure resulting in a slower metabolism and the accumulation of excess fat. 
  • Where does your food come from? Is it natural whole foods? Does it contain preservatives? These are questions that we should ask ourselves before deciding if we fall under the category of following poor nutritional habits. Consuming foods high in carbohydrates, refined sugar, sodium and fat leads to extra weight inflammation  and you guessed it, excess fat.
  • Lack of sleep can result in the decrease of the hormone “leptin” which controls hunger. A rise in our appetite would be the result of such a decrease and our tendency to seek out comfort foods follows suit.
  • Higher stress levels can cause a build up of the hormone cortisol which can raise the blood sugar. This in turn, slows down the metabolism, causes irregularities in salt and water balance and affects immune responses. 

How to get rid of back fat?

If you’re serious about getting rid of pesky back fat, then your daily routine needs to be adjusted and you must stick to it.

  • Become more active. In physics, a body at a constant resting state stays at rest and a body in motions stays in motion. The same things applies here. One thing to note is that there is a difference between physical activity and exercise. Physical activity emphasizes the use of actions to speed up the metabolism while exercise focusses on repeating a set of movements to improve one’s physical capabilities.
  • Incorporate healthier dietary changes. These changes can include: reducing the amount of foods high in fat which could involve having leaner cuts of meats, having more green vegetables, reducing daily sodium to decrease fluid retention and bloating. Staying hydrated throughout the day also plays a very big role and enables us to establish a homeostatic environment for the cells in our body. 
  • Establishing a proper sleep schedule can also help especially once you become more active. Muscles need a chance to rest, a proper sleep schedule paired with a healthy diet can great improve the hormonal balance in our bodies. 

Back Fat Exercise

One important thing to note is that you can’t specifically get rid of fat in just one area of the body by neglecting the rest. If one has excess fat in the back there is an indication of a greater need to work on the composition of adipose tissue in the entire body. Ignoring the use of these muscles in our back means that there was a loss of strength and even tone.

Keeping a consistent routine of 3 sessions weekly can be a great way to establish a healthier lifestyle. 30 minutes of aerobic exercise engages your body and elevates the heart rate. Mixing this with a little strength training can improve the speed of the metabolism, reduce fat and strengthens muscles. 

Back Fat Removal – the Figurella Approach

Figurella approaches the removal of fat from a natural and holistic standpoint. Figurella believes that you can get to your desired goal without having to resort to invasive methods such as surgery. After analysis of client tissue composition, muscle strength and dietary habits a personalized program is then curated using a set of specialized movements to isolate the target area (the back) focussing on squeezing fat cells to shrink them while strengthening core muscle groups. 

The bubble workout incorporates a constant temperature of 37 degrees celsius. This optimum temperature is necessary to activate the enzyme lipase which is responsible for dissolving fat. By working out it this heat and compressing the fat cells with the movements, you are in turn using them to shrink.  

Together with this targeted moves, Figurella incorporate a full body workout to balance our body, nutritional counseling and oxygen detox treatments. The oxygen bath further aids in reactivation of the metabolism, the lymphatic circulation and detoxifies the body ridding it of any excess toxins.

Come see us at one of our locations and talk to the expert. The first step is always the hardest.

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