Women Empowering Women

Women are a force to be reckoned with and unfortunately don’t receive the credit they deserve. Women do all that man do and more. They have a lot on their plate when it comes to work, family, kids and social life. Living in a woman’s world could get nasty sometimes. We were born with and later develop a lot of characteristics that make relationships with other women both nurturing and complicated. These include envy, jealousy, competitiveness but also, sisterhood and love. All this brings us together and pulls us apart but often times, reunites us again.

Let’s not forget to mention that women go through a lot in a body that undergoes inevitable change due to hormonal shifts and the weight of the stresses presented by numerous daily responsibilities

With all that being said, women are powerful beings and capable of accomplishing anything and play a pivotal role in keeping families together. If that that’s case, why are they so often times prioritized last?

In this article we would like to show how Figurella really understands these behaviors and how we fight everyday to empower women and support them with the best overall health suggestions we can give. 

Women and self confidence

Not feeling confident in the way you look can have a major effect on how women see themselves in life whether it be career wise and can even affect their health. The anxiety that accompanies this feeling along with other societal pressures can also have a profound effect on decision making skills and how women choose to socialize. 

Not feeling good enough, not putting themselves out there because of lost self-confidence because of not looking how they used to when they were younger, not feeling like themselves and just not knowing where to begin are common feelings associated with insecurities in body image.

Figurella has a very intimate approach to improving self-confidence. We introduce every woman to the program in a very personalized way and embracing the commitment required. This is achieved by aiming at a specific goal that mostly affects them emotionally. This could be weight loss, toning and shaping some areas or cellulite appearance. Sometimes the need of a healthy lifestyle is the first goal but normally this comes later. So the question is what is a healthy lifestyle?

Healthy lifestyle for women

We believe that healthy lifestyle means a lot of things:

  • Physical health: feeling good with and in your body
  • Mental health: feeling good in your head and balancing your mind with your body
  • Emotional health: being able to rationally react to life events and daily challenges
  • Intellectual health: being informed, aware and open to embracing new experiences
  • Social health: embracing healthy relationships and blocking toxic ones
  • Environmental health: living where you like and attending places you feel good in.

Figurella respectively offers:

  • An ideal program for women’s body shaping and an overall health improvement
  • One hour of forced me-time to balance the stress and disconnect
  • A team of people that care for you and are there for you unconditionally
  • Information about your body and nutrition to obtain long lasting results
  • A new healthy relationship that doesn’t accept excuses but pushes you towards success
  • A clean and safe environment to attend and look forward to visiting.

Find yourself at Figurella

Life happens, there is no shame if you’ve lost yourself along the way. Figurella wants to help you find yourself again. 

A sense of security and assurance that there is no judgement. A sense of belonging to a supportive community. A positive and safe space to be yourself and feel confident in your body even when you seek change. Figurella provides all that and more.

The women at Figurella want you to rediscover your strength as you rediscover your body. Reclaim time you felt might have been lost no matter what age, what fitness level and no matter where you’re from

At Figurella everything is built on trust. Trust in a team of women that is with you and believe in themselves to guide you both physically and emotionally towards achieving your goals. Trust that we also go through similar life situations and want to see you succeed. Trust the process and in knowing that progress isn’t linear and it’s ok to have setbacks. And lastly trust in yourself to see that you are strong, beautiful and worth it.

We offer great results in exchange of commitment and trust. Come see us at your favorite location to start embracing a new you.

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