What should I eat before a Figurella session?

Our busy and hectic life bring some people munch on chips or opt for snacks purchased from the vending machine.  But these are made of bad fats and have no beneficial effect on the body. That’s why it would be better to eat a fruit, like a banana, which satiates and provides essential vitamins as well as a good dose of liquids.

Beware of drinks designed for fitness enthusiasts. They are full of sugars, it is better to drink pure water before, during and after training.

Fitness Diet: Dos and Don’ts

Among the foods recommended there are:

– Fresh vegetables;

– Fresh fruit;

– Legumes;

– Pasta and bread in limited quantities;

– Meat;

– Milk and dairy products;

– Other fatty foods.


– Packaged snacks;

– Pre-made dressings;

– sugary drinks;

– non-natural fatty foods.

If you want more information don’t hesitate to contact the Figurella center closest to you!

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