Staying in shape while on vacation: Here’s how

A healthy lifestyle – with the help of a correct diet and the right amount of physical exercise – allows a person to enjoy their vacation in full relaxation mode!

Summer is officially upon us! You know what this means – vacation time. You’re wearing the perfect bathing suits, making sure you have all the necessary travel accessories, but there’s a tiny voice in the back of your head that constantly reminds you to behave while on vacation! 

Leaving your daily routine to go on vacation doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to ruin all of your hard work and hours spent at Figurella. There are some factors, along with making sure you don’t break too many rules, that allow you to stay in shape on vacation. 

Before we start with some vacation do’s and don’ts – you are on vacation, this means RELAXATION TIME! Researchers from the Kaiser Permanent Center for Health Research conducted a study on a group of people who had lost 10 kilos (20 pounds) in 6 months. They found out that these people had two things in common: they slept for 6 to 8 hours at night and they learned how to reduce their stress level. Stress in fact – which includes the anxiety of gaining weight – causes an increase in the cortisol levels in our bodies. This is one of the main reasons why women have difficulty when trying to lose weight. 

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is another element that naturally helps you avoid gaining weight and should be always followed, even when on vacation! So, even though we are away from home and our daily routines, and surrounded by temptations, we should always try and keep our nutrition in check:

Do – Eat fresh, seasonal foods cooked in a light way.

Do – Eat a smaller portion when you’re at a restaurant. You can box the rest and save it for later.

Don’t – Have dessert at night. It would be best to have dessert at lunchtime time. (If you must, Go ahead! You are on vacation and deserve to indulge, but just make sure to make up for it the following day by going with a lighter menu.) 

Do – Drink lots of water

Don’t – Use the mini bar in the room. Enjoy a drink or two when you’re out and about but allow your night to be your time to recharge.

Physical activity during your vacation

We do not expect you to sign up for classes or do anything that may take away from your vacation time. What we suggest is to have a nice relaxing walk on the beach, or maybe go for a swim, you can try playing tennis or going on a bike tour – these are all excellent ways to keep in shape while enjoying your vacation to the fullest! 

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