5 Tips to stay healthy during the holiday season

Thanksgiving dinner marks the beginning of the holiday season. Time to share with loved ones, get Christmas decorations, and attend parties. This is the season of food, plenty of food. From pecan pies to glazed ham, Holiday food can test your determination, so we are sharing some tips to help you manage your nutrition without missing out.

1. Avoid overeating: Set yourself up for success by going light on rich appetizers, dips, and desserts. Choosing a small plate and eating slowly are key to avoid overeating and its uncomfortable consequences. Enjoy every bite so you can give your brain and stomach the time to let you know when satisfied

2. Stay active: Do not stop working out, do the opposite and add minutes to your regular routine. Exercising keeps your metabolism going, helping your digestion and burning off the extra calories. It will also promote a more positive attitude.

3. Lighten your drink: Sparkling water is your best friend when it comes to lighten your favorite drinks. It is a festive way to keep the calorie and alcohol content low. To reduce your alcohol intake try sipping your drink a low calorie drinks, and avoid sweeteners at all cost. Keep in mind that it takes about 30 minutes of physical activity to burn the calories of just one drink.

4. Eat what you love & leave the rest: When following Tip #1 to eat in moderation you may can also choose to be more selective of the food you are having. Start by adding all the veggies, salads, and lean meats then move into what makes you excited in small portions.

Drink plenty of water through the day and night. It will help you feel satisfied while detoxing your body. Have a glass of water before meals and in between drinks to avoid overeating and reducing the chance of hangovers.

We wish you the healthiest holiday season filled with love and joy!

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