DIY diets, 5 common mistakes

1. “Light” products make you lose weight

One of the most common mistakes in diets is thinking that light products make you lose weight, just because it says “light” on the packaging. In fact, there is no unique definition of “light”, which is why light can mean few calories, low fat or low caffeine. The only way is to carefully analyze the nutritional chart of the product.

A classic example is “light” yoghurt. The reduction in fat is often compensated by increasing sugar to give more flavor. The best solution is to choose products that by nature are low in calories, such as natural yoghurt, which can be flavoured with fruit or honey. Berries are a good choice because they are low in fat and low in calories.

2. Giving up sweets

Those on a diet must abstain completely from sweets. Yes, since sweets increase blood sugar levels, thereby increasing the desire for food when blood sugar levels drop. This theory seems to be true and it works for some people. After the first few days without sweets, the desire to eat seems to decrease.

In general, however, the reality is different. In the first days it is easy to resist the temptation of cakes and chocolate, but after a week the desire returns to attack.

The advice: in a diet, cakes in small quantities are allowed. It is in fact important to learn to eat the correct doses, since when the diet ends, one must continue to eat a few sweets.

3. The less you eat, the better.

The less you eat, the faster you lose weight, it seems logical, doesn’t it? So the body has to use fat deposits to create energy. Too bad it doesn’t! Our body is intelligent, in fact, if for a prolonged period of time it receives little food, it gets used to this situation (survival principle). When you start managing regularly, the pounds reappear, creating the famous “yo-yo” effect of diets.

Tip: Even during the diet, it is necessary to eat and feel satisfied at the end of the meal. Not only you would avoid the yo-yo effect, but you also the hunger and sadness feeling.

4. Not having breakfast is good for you, because you avoid such calories

Either for lack of time or for lack of appetite, many people do not eat breakfast in the morning.

Many studies have shown that this is a serious mistake. Those who do not eat breakfast often find themselves making various “snacks” and snacks, eating many more calories.

Tip: Take some time to eat breakfast. Also, if you don’t have time in the morning, bring a fruit and yoghurt to work, which is always healthier than the snacks from the vending machines.

5. Eating after 7 p.m. makes you fat.

A famous claim that everything ingested after 7 p.m. turns into fat.

In some southern European countries it is normal to eat late, but that does not mean that they are more fat than others. Once again a myth. What counts for a diet is what you eat during the day. The equation is simple: if you eat fewer calories than those you use, then you lose weight.

The advice: avoid heavy foods in the evening. Something you can digest fast makes sure you’ll have a nice sleep.

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