Healthy eating. Simple tips for family

Vegetarian diet? Paleo diet? Diet of blood groups? Gluten-free diet? Zone diet? Only protein? Or simply centrifuged? And we could continue so for at least two paragraphs… now there are thousands of different diets. Those who feed themselves and their children every day have difficulty in finding their way around. You can no longer understand what is really good for you. And what, instead, can have terrible effects on our health.

Let us try to make it clearer. It is particularly important that children learn to eat healthily from an early age. And introducing the habit of healthy eating into family meals is the best gift we can give our children.

Too often we use convenience foods or industrial preparations. This makes it easier for us in our daily lives when we have little time to devote to preparing meals. Unfortunately, we often do not realize that these foods contain harmful substances. And that they can have negative effects on our energy and well-being.

Here are three suggestions for introducing a healthier way of eating in the family.

  1. Reducing sugar consumption
    Do you feel helpless and with your batteries on the ground? Do you often feel like your mind is clouded and you can’t see things clearly? Try to reduce your sugar consumption immediately. It has now been scientifically proven that sugars are poison for our bodies, especially for those who are in a state of fatigue. In essence, drastically reducing the sugar content of our diet is the first step towards better health. It is an insidious ingredient and you will find that reducing it is not that simple. It is found almost everywhere, especially in foods prepared for children. The WHO also states that sugar consumption should not represent more than 10% (better still 5%) of daily energy consumption. There are good alternatives to white sugar. Cane sugar, honey and maple syrup all have an influence on blood sugar values.
  2. Use of whole grains
    In our diet, the amount of cereals is quite high. There would be nothing wrong with it. But, as all health experts now explain, today’s grain is not how our grandparents used to use our grandparents. And the quantities of refined cereals (pasta, bread, pizzas, pizzas, rice, etc.) we consume are far greater than those of previous generations. What can we do? First of all, we begin to replace refined cereals with whole grains. And then we eat bread and wholemeal pasta. Also in this case, great attention is paid to the labels. Because many industrially produced foods are whole only on paper. The effects and the feeling of well-being will be surprising and immediate! Try it!
  3. Increase the amount of “real food”.
    What is real food? Real food. But true in what sense? Everything that has not been processed, processed and packaged. That is, fruit, vegetables, vegetables, noble proteins and cereals. Too often we eat convenience foods. Unfortunately, in industrially prepared foods, in terms of nutrition, very little remains of it. Always remember that children learn by imitation. And if they see us joyfully eating fruit, vegetables and other real foods, they will immediately learn the basics of healthy eating. It is therefore essential to introduce this type of food with children from the very first meal. And possibly by varying a lot from the beginning, so that they can taste and experience different tastes.

Are you ready to introduce new eating habits into your family? Start with these 3 tips for a healthier and more energetic life.

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