3 good intentions for the new year

December is the month of great intentions for the coming year. Setting goals is beautiful, motivating, a moment in which to take stock of the situation with oneself and with one’s aspirations. It must be a positive push, not a source of anxiety and stress.

So let’s take the time to plan these changes, to reach them not without effort, to plan stages made of small sacrifices and small successes. It is useless to set oneself unattainable or extreme objectives. It is better to set yourself feasible goals, perhaps small ones, to achieve one result after another. That’s why returning to love and feel fit again, healthy and happy can really become a goal achievable concretely. Obviously getting help, choosing the Figurella Method.

Three simple good intentions from which to start again with Figurella towards your own path of well-being.

EAT: do not venture into restrictive diets, forced fasting and drastic sacrifices. Figurella will make you feel at ease with food, teaching you how to eat well and change your lifestyle at the table.

MOVE: 2 hours a week are sufficient if carried out with the right intensity and with the right motivation. You can count on the support of assistants who never leave you alone.

LOVE: yourself first of all. Attending Figurella means making a personal commitment: deciding to return to love and feel good, in body and soul not only in a new body but also with a new lifestyle. Forever.

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