Weight loss means health and beauty.

weight loss before and after

” I feel great”. Weight loss means health and beauty.

Weight loss before and after
Dariia, 53 pounds and 66 inches lost

This is what Dariia says every time we speak about her results with Figurella. And this is how you should feel all the time. TEST

Women have a great burden to carry along in their daily life. Women are responsible for their kid’s growth, for the management of the house and most of the time, for their business. We are strong in nature but, it is also true that the dedication to everything that surrounds us causes us lose the focus on ourselves. Our body is what suffers the most due to this stress.

Dariia started her Figurella adventure in January 2019 with the goal of losing 70 pounds. She dedicated herself to her kids and let herself fall in the second place. She said “Now it’s time for me to take care of my body and my health”. Her motivation and dedication were right on spot and she took her new routine very seriously. Three sessions a week accompanied by the personalized Figurella nutrition plan brought her to quick results. Results brought her to being more motivated.

The first 20 pounds were dropped in 20 sessions. Exactly what Figurella promises. The next 15 pounds in the second set of 20 sessions and 10 more in the third set. In 5 months Dariia managed to lose her first 46 pounds.

She is a great example of dedication and commitment to self care. Figurella is a program that helps you to lose weight thanks to technology and expertise. For 40 years we have been following a natural approach that includes workout in a temperature controlled Bubble to maximize the fat burning, detox sessions in our oxygen bath that also improve the metabolism and nutrition counseling. Figurella is a center in which women can rely on to find all they need to get or stay healthy and fit.

Weight loss means health and beauty.

Like most of our success stories, it’s not always easy. There are some times that are harder and life happens. Family problems, work related stress, sickness, injuries (in this case Covid-19). Dariia has been affected by those months in which, not being able to leave the house, she adopted a sedentary lifestyle. Most people are not naturally inclined to work out, therefore, not having a place to go and an appointment with her trainer, made her stop the work on her body.

No worries, Figurella stories always have a happy ending! She came back as soon as we reopened and we are now down to 53 pounds and 66 inches lost.

Weight loss is not a trip! It’s a lifestyle.

Figurella is the perfect support and the perfect boutique center to achieve your body and fitness goals. Read more about the Figurella Method at this link.

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