5 Reasons to start meditating today

Meditation is a fantastic tool to slow down, find ease, and awareness. By creating a moment to unplug from the world to focus on your breath, body sensations and to non-judgmentally evaluate distracting thoughts and emotions, you will be investing in your mind and body. There are different types of techniques and approaches to meditation, all used with the ultimate goal of improving our quality of life.

Although it can not solve health problems directly, it can alleviate certain symptoms and reduce stress, making assimilation easier.  

Meditating cultivates physical and mental wellbeing
  • Reduce stress. By focusing on the mind and being aware of the thoughts that come and go, you can identify the aspects of life that might be causing stress. Once you can point them out, let them go and continue enjoying the present moment as you breathe in and out.  Let’s not forget that stress can cause severe health issues and that it is the enemy of beauty.
  • Reduce anxiety. Anxiety is a mental state connected to an inability to regulate our emotional responses to perceived threats. Mindful meditation strengthens the ability to manage emotions, and that is very important! 
  • Improve self-esteem. When we don’t love ourselves enough, all our efforts and uniqueness are opaque no matter how hard we try. Through meditation and identifying negative thoughts, you may find relief and release all that to be a better you! Feel proud of it. Repetition is key for this specific aspect “I am worth it, I am enough, I am unique, I am loved” are some the mantras used to improve self-esteem.
  • Increase concentration. Concentration is one of the bases of meditation. To enjoy the benefits it has in different areas, it’s necessary to focus on what you want to achieve. Visualize yourself in the situations you want to attract to your life, and feel the excitement to start working toward those dreams. 
  • Sleep aid. With a meditation session even if it’s short, you will enjoy mental and physical relaxation. Deep inhalations and exhalations slow the heart rate down promoting a better night of sleep. It is one of the most important benefits for those people who have tried everything to sleep. And remember that a good night of sleep and rest are health and beauty’s best friends. 

Nowadays, there are plenty of apps to help you start meditating. The only thing you need to start meditating is the desire to improve your life. The results of a consistent meditation practice will show in every aspect of your life. 

Do you meditate? Have you tried meditating during our Oxygen Bath, that’s a perfect place to start! Tell us about your experience. 

Remember that in Figurella our goal is to improve your physical and mental strength.

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