Counteracting cellulite

Figurella can help in counteracting cellulite, the No. 1 enemy of women, it is defined as a simple imperfection, but cellulite is much more than that. It affects almost 90% of women and does not distinguish between age or body-type.

Lotions, massages, and diets have little (if any) impact, cellulite is caused by a stagnation of liquids in the tissues and can only be depleted with healthy intervention. Figurella limits its appearance and prolongs the results. Moving properly is essential to help the circulation of fluids in the legs, therefore:

Movement helps fight cellulite

In most cases, what we commonly call “cellulite” is actually the manifestation of localized adiposity (accumulation of fat) or water retention, two phenomena that can be treated with a targeted strategy. This condition begins after puberty because a primary cause is an increase in adipose tissue due to estrogen production. Other factors include inheritance, weight, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal imbalances and a diet rich in fats and sugars.

Figurella, against cellulite

This is why the Figurella Method – the only one based on a healthy and active lifestyle – is also effective to counteract this loathed imperfection. The controlled physical activity carried out in the Figurella Bubble helps to improve muscle tone focusing on those difficult fat pads (which only serve to highlight cellulite on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and hips). Baths in the Active Oxygen booth help with blood microcirculation, fighting the fluid stagnation that often creates the onset of cellulite.

The (limited) effect of creams and massages

Certainly, there are cosmetics that can help to fine-tune the skin’s texture and massages that drain liquids at the microcirculation level, but only a proper lifestyle regimen can lead to in-depth results. The Figurella Method not only fights cellulite and teaches fitness, but also helps you feel good: inside and out. The physical activity proposed by this process, performed correctly twice a week, is designed to help you drop some digits. Not necessarily the lbs, but the centimeters/inches. After all, the World Health Organization has revised its parameters considering the size of the waistline as a health index.

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