Body Type Matters

For sure you have seen different body type between your friends and family. To make it easy, we can start by learning how to recognize the 2 main types and list them right here: android and gynoid.

The android body shape is characterized by a cumulation of body fat in the stomach area and chest. The gynoid instead tend to cumulate body fat in the lower limbs and hips, making this the most common shape recognized in women. 

First things first: no matter what your body type is, you can absolutely reach your health and fitness goals. Surely, to obtain the best results possible, knowing your body type makes a big difference.

In this article we are going to find out more about how to use this information to achieve your body goals naturally and with less struggle.

Body Type – Women

The Figurella experts meet women every day with the most different body shapes. You are not alone. Whether you are accumulating body fat in your stomach, legs, love handles, hips, arms or back, we have seen it before and we have developed a protocol to use that helps you maximize your weight loss and shaping by giving you the curves you want.

Figurella offers a very particular type of workout that is performed in a thermic module that maintain the temperature stable during your workout allowing for a faster activity of the lipase enzyme. This enzyme is the one in charge of burning fat and it has been found to work at its maximum capacity when it is at 98.6 degrees. Other than being performed into the temperature-controlled Bubble, the exercise routine is completely personalized for your body type.

It is true that when you lose weight you lose it proportionately but a more targeted workout can definitely help to reshape and tone some stubborn areas.

Women mostly struggle with lower stomach, arms, thighs and hips fat. During most of the workout we engage the lower part of our body more by putting pressure on our legs or performing standing exercises. At Figurella instead the physical activity is done laying down making it natural to isolate some muscles optimizing the shaping of targeted areas. 

Other women, develop an android body shape and this means that exercising the lower body, they will shrink legs even more and the upper body fat, especially the one on the back, is not affected as much as it should. For this type of body shape, Figurella has developed a very specific set of movements that allow the person to mostly target back and torso, leading to an improvement of the masculine shape.

Body Type Quiz – at Figurella

If you are curious to try one session, contact us by searching for your favorite location and scheduling a free consultation with one of our experts. During the consultation the consultant is going to spend with you about 30/40 minutes to make sure to create a routine of movement perfect to shape your body type and your necessities. Your body measurements together with our expertise will allow us to determine not only your body type but also a rational amount of time to achieve your goals.

Several factors affect the routine assigned to you:

  • Fitness Level
  • Body Type
  • Age
  • Tissue Structure
  • Goals
  • Injuries/medical issues

Each movement is designed to isolate targeted areas of fat. By performing the same movement repeatedly and at a constant temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, it is possible to decrease the size of fat cells. As a result, the compressed cells release built up water and toxins into the surrounding connective tissue to be further eliminated by the body.

Figurella combines this specific workout with Oxygen Detox treatments and healthy nutrition habits. Indeed, we have never claimed for the Bubble to be magic! Each single part of our lifestyle matters.

This means that nutrition still plays a very important role in our re-shaping journey. At Figurella we believe in eating healthy and learning how to balance your level of physical activity and your foods intake. We will be side by side with you learning how your body reacts to each single change in nutrition. This grants a long lasting results if these precious advices are treasured and kept in mind in the future.