Business trips: five tips for keeping fit

When you travel for business, your routine may be threatened by out-of-the-ordinary situations, especially if you are used to keeping your body fit. The flight, hotel transfer, meeting or customer meeting. All moments that require extra time (sometimes incalculable) compared to your normal activities. Many business travelers think that keeping fit while travelling is an impossible task. Instead, training your body during a business trip could be much easier than you think!

1. Plan your day well

Choose the moment you prefer and try to do movement or small training exercises. You can decide to train early in the morning to start the day in a good mood: endorphins and serotonin are released more easily. Or you can treat yourself to a few moments in the pool at the end of your business appointments to clear your mind. Take the time for your scheduled workout and try to relax.

2. Walk as far as you can

In traveling distances and time have another measure. Try to reach your destinations by walking. This allows you to be always on the move and to partly burn the street food you just swallowed for quick lunch.

3. Try a bike ride

For some time now, hotels have provided bicycle rental for their guests. A ride through the streets of the city is a pleasant activity that is able to give you a moment of recreation from the trip and make you burn a few calories in excess.

4. Always remember to stay hydrated.

Hydration is of primary importance for good health and to maintain maximum physical fitness. If you’re travelling to a hot country, you’ll need to be much more careful to make sure you don’t dehydrate. First of all, remember to avoid long exposure to the sun when possible. The best advice is to avoid dehydration before it occurs. Remember to always have at least two litres of water with you at all times. Side effects include headaches, weakness, nausea and inability to concentrate. If you feel fatigued, there is a good chance that it is dehydration, especially if you are active under the sun.

5. Doing new things

Physical activity should also be a pleasure while travelling: if you are at the sea, go diving, swimming or windsurfing. If you are in the mountains you can try skiing or snowboarding. This way, even if you are a fan of watts and calories burned, you can train while having fun. No one asks you to respect 100% of your usual training schedule. However, try to keep your body moving.

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