Remember 50s are the new 40s. With Figurella I can bring my body back to that age!
Aging is a natural process that we do not have to be scared of.

On the contrary it is important to face it and be prepared for the changes that our body will be subject to. Typical situations are:

  • Pre/post/during menopause. The hormones give you a hard time controlling the weight. Figurella uses a constant routine to fight these natural stages. Oxygen and controlled temperatura will boost your metabolism.
  • Injuries/weakness. This should not stop you from exercising. Stopping is the worst you can do. In the Bubble you lay down and perform movements that have low impact on your back and joints. Also the oxygen is a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Loose skin. Weight changes, aging and not proper exercise and lifestyle habits could have had an impact on your skin. Improving your skin tone and elasticity is part of the Figurella benefits.
  • Your body is your temple and it needs special attention, especially now. The Figurella assistants customize each one of your session on your needs and moods. This makes the difference.


Meet a Figurella Expert, set your goal and reach it!

What do I expect of Figurella?
A Comfortable Center

A place where I could feel at home

Kind Staff

The Figurella Assistants are more than a personal trainer

Personalized Training Program

A dedicated training program designed for me

The Italian Style

Smiles, friendship and a method that works for me!


Meet a Figurella Expert, set your goal and reach it!

Results may vary from person to person and their commitment to the program. Our centers have been helping women in Europe and Latin America achieve their body goals over 40 years. When you commit to us, we commit to you and if you do not achieve the goal we establish together, you may continue to use our program at no charge until you do.