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Reach the ideal body shape naturally.

Boost your metabolism with our science based method that combines low impact physical activity, detox treatment and nutrition counseling.

Our method

Try the Figurella treatment and get results right from your first workout. Low impact movements are going to be designed for your body type and you will always be followed by a personal assistant.


Oxygen is fundamental for our organism. This 15 - minute treatment supports fat burning, metabolism boost and detox.

Why choose Figurella?


Toning Programs

Figurella knows that women want to be lean and not bulky so we developed low impact but very targeted movements to give you the tone you want.


Personal Coaching

Most of the time self-motivation is not enough, especially in women’s challenging lives. Our assistants stay with you along the way and get you to your goals.


Fat Burning Workout

Losing water weight is easy, but burning fat is the real deal. Our thermic module makes sure you use your time efficiently. Start burning fat from the first minute.


Nutrition support

We do not believe in strict diets, we believe in a healthy lifestyle. The assistants will teach you how to eat healthy and make better food choices.


Oxygen Bath

The oxygen bath is a unique treatment that improves your overall health and detoxes your body. For 72 hours you will feel an energy boost.


Lymphatic treatments

In one location you can find all you need to get in shape and improve cellulite appearance. Our CelluShape does wonders!


Meet a Figurella Expert, set your goal and reach it!


The Figurella method

Targeted and personalized physical activity, innovative treatments to tone the body and the right advice for a correct diet.

Figurella centers

3 in 1 – The Innovative training


Just calibrated movements on your body to reach your goal. Each session lasts 30 minutes and is carried out in the special thermo-active bed, always under the supervision of your Figurella assistant.


Each session is completed with an active oxygen treatment that helps to keep the tissues elastic and improves blood microcirculation. 15 minutes of relaxation for a more toned figure and a more beautiful skin.


With Figurella you learn to eat and live correctly. Our method simply involves a correct lifestyle at the table, for you and your family. Few tips that change your life.


Meet a Figurella Expert, set your goal and reach it!

PERSONALIZED: You need your own exercises and personal attention to reach the best results.

'At Figurella we work like this.'

Reviews and Testimonials
Listen to what our Clients say

One of the best decisions I've took in my life. This is not only a place to excercise, but as they say to built your body. A sculpting place to treat yourself, prove you can beat whatever drags you down to avoid caring of yourself. The fact that the excercises are made on a warm camera that helps your metabolism starts working while you workout, then you take a quick shower and go to the oxygen cocoon (as I call it) to let your muscles breath and get all the benefits of it. The best? Ladies only! It's literally worth every penny.

- Norah

Great staff, always supportive and helping you reach your fitness goals. Love the Doral Figurella and the entire staff. Best team!

- Susie

It is very effective. After 2 months I already see a difference and the people who work there are very professional and extremely kind. It’s always a pleasure to go to Figurella!

- Judith

Great center to put yourself back in shape. The staff is very hospitable, caring and attentive to every woman needs. In absolute the best way to stay in shape and improve your body shape. I am loving it! Grazie ragazze!!!

- Stefania

Excellent team at Figurella Pinecrest! They care about you and your progress. Best decision I have made about my health. I enjoy it very much.

- Elena

I love coming to Figurella! They make you feel welcomed and well taken care of. The methodology they use are great for getting in shape very quick while also offering to oxygenate your body after the workout which is most of the time laying down inside their body temperature cabins. Money well spent on!

- Sandra

I highly recommend Figurella because I had severe back pain and my doctor recommended me to start working out. I already knew Figurella from Italy and I decided to join again. Working out in the bubbles with the rings helped toning my muscles in a short period of time and the oxygen helped enormously reduce the inflammation. Moreover, the girls like Cristina and Inbal are extremely kind, caring, helpful and absolutely precious as good friends! I couldn’t move when I started, now I feel great, I lost weight, my body is healthy, well designed and toned. I couldn’t ask for more! Thank you to all the staff at Figurella!

- Barbara
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Meet a Figurella Expert, set your goal and reach it!

Figurella's tips and suggestions

Results may vary from person to person and their commitment to the program. Our centers have been helping women in Europe and Latin America achieve their body goals over 40 years. When you commit to us, we commit to you and if you do not achieve the goal we establish together, you may continue to use our program at no charge until you do.