I walk around the office with my head high…stress and long hours are balanced by my Figurella powered body!
At the end of your 8 or more hours of daily work and stress your mind needs to relax.

But what about your body? Creating a balance between the two is very important. Not finding the time to relax and take care of your body because you are too tired or too busy is simply not ok.

  • Busy? 1 hour at Figurella is equivalent to 1.5 at the gym, plus a nutrition coach session, plus a skin treatment. Also, your energy will be boost for 72 hours! Your time is important for us. This is why we are specialists in maximizing your results.
  • Too tired to workout? Figurella works by appointment with your trainers, we will keep you accountable and motivated. Give us a shot and you will see how energized you will feel.
  • You gave up on your body? Don’t! Who said that you need exhausting workouts to get the shape you want? Figurella promises results that are quick and long lasting. Just find the time to come in 2 hours a week.
  • Your back is hurting because of the long hours in front of the computer? Improving your core tone will relieve your pain.


Slow metabolism? Weight gain? Nothing works? Stubborn areas?

Determination is key to achieve your body goals. If you are ready for a change, try Figurella.

What do I expect of Figurella?
Time-sensitive appointment

The staff is ready for you when you arrive

Personalized Training Program

A dedicated training program designed for me


Smooth process and relaxing environment

The Italian Style

Smiles, friendship and a method that works for me!


Meet a Figurella Expert, set your goal and reach it!

Results may vary from person to person and their commitment to the program. Our centers have been helping women in Europe and Latin America achieve their body goals over 40 years. When you commit to us, we commit to you and if you do not achieve the goal we establish together, you may continue to use our program at no charge until you do.