It’s been said before, real beauty is within.

At Figurella, we know this is true. Putting family before self, your commitment, that’s a sign of beauty. Standing strong when professional life demands too much, your personality, another sign of beauty. Quitting young dreams when life calls for something different, your character, one more sign of beauty. We Know that keeping up that inner beauty is not easy. You have to stay focused, work harder, make sacrifices and even compromise.

Today, we want to help you reveal that inner beauty on the outside as well, we want it to shine on your body, like shined years ago. It will also require your commitment, your personality, and character. But you won’t be alone.

We have the science, the experience, and the talent to achieve the results. Just like people can see that you’re a beautiful human being, they will be able to notice your outer beauty. With Figurella, you’re just inches away from beautiful.



1 – Bubble Workout: Burn Fat & Lose Inches

The thermogenic bubble workout takes place in a controlled temperature space which maximizes your metabolic rate. It is a 30 minute full body workout that is equivalent of 1.5 hours at the gym. It uses resistance bands and very specific low impact movements to tone and shape. Every exercise is designed to target and tone a specific area of the body. With dedication and commitment our clients see results within two weeks.

2 – SpaShell: Detox & Boost the Metabolism

Second, you will step into the spa detox bath and you will just sit and relax as increased oxygen levels allow for improved blood circulation, boosts metabolism for 72 hours and leaves the skin with a natural glow. Finally, by purifying the body, you will feel energized.

Young businesswoman eating a salad while working  in office.

3 – Followed by your Figurella Assistants: 1on1 Service

Figurella’s unique experience are our personal assistants and their energy. Figurella is a truly unique place, run by women – for women. Unlike weight-loss centers or stereotypical gyms, Figurella provides you with a qualified, motivated and trained personal assistant. Their sole objective is to guide you, motivate you and ensure that you meet your goals.