Winter holiday, tips not to exaggerate

The winter holidays are approaching, dotted with lunches, dinners and dinners, and the fateful doubt arises again: is it possible to respect the tradition, without being overweight by two or three kilos in January?

Before looking for a solution, perhaps we could ask ourselves about the real reasons for this increase in weight.

It seems that the greatest excesses concern the consumption of oil, spirits and wine, sauces, dried fruit and cold cuts.

Perhaps it is possible to celebrate without overdoing it with these foods: here are a few small tips.

The days of celebration are only 4

Eat high-calorie foods only on holidays, avoiding eating sweets daily in the following days, especially at breakfast or snack.

Down with salt

Limit the use of salt and use vegetables and spices to flavor and color the dishes: saffron, oregano, pepper, cherry tomatoes, chilli, etc..

The triumph of fruit (fresh)

Can’t you two just give up on your dessert at the end of a meal? One idea could be to prepare desserts based on fruit (fruit salads, berries), low-fat yoghurt and sorbet. Always prefer fresh fruit to dried fruit.

Beware of appetizers

Be careful not to start off on the wrong foot right away. Better to avoid, for appetizers, preparations rich in sauces and prefer instead pickles, grilled vegetables or pinzimonio, meats and mushrooms.

Toast yes, but with moderation

The toast is an integral part of the celebrations, it is not necessary to give up, just do not exaggerate. Even with a meal a glass of wine (red) we can treat ourselves. The important thing is to never miss on your table abundant jugs of water. Carbonated and sweetened drinks and spirits, better to avoid them.

We wish you all a happy winter holidays! Follow Figurella’s advice and start the new year in the right way! The time to improve your life is now!

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