Quick weight loss, is it good for you?

There are many reasons why it is inadvisable to lose weight quickly. They all depend on the fact that rapid weight loss is achieved through too little food or too much effort.

It is stressful for the body. Essential nutrients (AGE, EFA, vitamins, minerals) are not taken in the right amount and, in the long term, physiological and immune systems are significantly affected.

It is stressful for the mind. An unbalanced restrictive diet induces a strong desire for “revenge”. This is why the therapy outcome is almost always unsuccessful, with increased dissatisfaction with your body and reduced self-esteem.

It is debilitating for the muscles. catabolism systems (over-stimulated) are NOT selective! This means that in addition to disposing of storage fat, it also makes extensive use of amino acids from muscle tissue, reducing muscle mass.

It promotes dehydration: part of the water requirements enters the body through foods that, being scarce, do not meet the body’s hydration needs.

Excessive energy expenditure obtained through physical activity to lose weight quickly worsen all the 4 points mentioned above.

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