Question of timetables: when to eat so as not to gain weight

Missed breakfasts, quick meals and too many late evening dinners… the hectic life can really affect the line. A good breakfast, a rich lunch in the middle of the day (but not for this reason caloric) and a light dinner. Here are all the secrets and times to get physical benefits.

Time is the key, even at the table. An unregulated lifestyle with meals skipped and then recovered all together at once is a mistake not to be made. A healthy lifestyle is also a matter of the clock: the right food at the right time. The numbers for proper nutrition are simple: 5 meals a day, at the right time.

In the morning

Morning should be the most profitable time of the day and to make it so you need the right energy. Because of the hectic life and the busy schedule they call, breakfast is too often skipped or replaced with a coffee on the fly. Breakfast should not be consumed too late to avoid being too close to lunch or snack and must be very nutritious. Milk, tea, coffee are not enough; you need cereals or fruit to start the day well.

Snack? Why not.

A mid-morning snack is right, as long as it’s natural and far from the meal. Often you reduce yourself to eating something just before lunch, because you can’t stop the gluttony. This habit is wrong and useless, because the light snack in the middle of the morning has the function of giving the right amount of energy to get to lunch. Consuming it late fills your stomach unnecessarily and will make you feel heavy, just before the meal. A fruit or yoghurt is the perfect solution.

A smart lunch

Lunch is too often overlooked. Time is often short, choice limited and therefore often we consume foods that are not suitable for a healthy lifestyle. First of all, lunch should be consumed between 12:00 and 13:30, i.e. exactly in the middle of the day. Its function is, in fact, to really nourish the body with carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins and bring 30% of the daily calories. It must be rich, but that does not mean that it is necessarily caloric. Pasta, rice, or other cereals, combined with vegetables are essential. And for the office is not difficult, just get organized: a salad of spelt or quinoa are perfect as take-away.

In the afternoon

A mid-afternoon snack is not only recommended for children. The afternoon is usually long to overcome and a shame of throat is right to treat yourself, especially if you greet as a piece of dark chocolate with more than 75% cocoa, a tea with biscuits or a bar of sesame seeds. A little treat, but don’t overdo it: lunch has already given you all the energy you need, so don’t eat any snacks before 4.30pm-5pm.

A light dinner to sleep well

First rule: no dinners after 9 p.m., because it is too close to sleep time. Dinner should be lighter than lunch and composed of easily digestible foods, in particular less carbohydrates and more proteins (eggs, fish and lean meat). During the night, in fact, the body assimilates and does not burn fat, unlike what happens during the day.

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