Go nuts in the fall

With the arrival of autumn, nuts should begin to take center stage in our diet. Among them one stands out for being the most consumed and the richest: almonds. In addition to being very nutritious, they have many health benefits.

Almonds: Your best friend for the fall

Almonds are one of the most nutritious nuts on the planet. They are a great source of vegetable fats and proteins, especially unsaturated fats that are beneficial for the body. They contain very
little amount of carbohydrates, but they turn out to be a great source of fiber that is also accompanied by vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium, and vitamin E and group B, such as Folic acid.

The benefits of almonds for your health
  1. Great source of energy. Since they contain carbohydrates, they provide a lot of energy to face the day. In addition, the iron they carry helps to fight anemia.
  2. Good for the heart. People who consume almonds have more chance of reducing the risk of suffering a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. This food strengthens and protects
    the walls of the arteries thanks to the amino acids and fatty acids they contain.
  3. Strong bones and teeth. Because of its high content of phosphorus and magnesium, they help you to have stronger teeth and bones. They also take care of muscles, reduce anxiety and help you sleep better.
  4. Good for the brain. By regularly consuming almonds, brain function is increased, keeping it active.
  5. They improve the immune system. The zinc they carry improves the functioning of the immune system, promotes growth and combats fatigue. In addition, vitamin A helps detoxify the body.

With all these reasons, let’s keep almonds handy. In Figurella we recommend to add them to your diet and exercise routine.

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