Hydration: how to drink properly

1. One bottle of water a day to feel better

Our body is largely made up of water. Water is indispensable for the development of all physiological processes and biochemical reactions that occur in our body. It plays an essential role in the digestion, absorption, transport and use of nutrients. It is also the main means by which waste substances derived from biological processes and skin components are eliminated (drinking therefore means activating a detoxification process).

Dry skin, headaches, dark and concentrated urine are the signs that you are drinking little, too little.

The water is contained in the food, but in small quantities: for this reason it is very important to drink about 2 liters of water during the day. It is exactly the content of a bottle, to be opened in the morning and finished in the evening.

 2. If you want to control hunger and weight, avoid the drinks.

Sugary industrial drinks should be avoided because they provide a lot of unnecessary calories and alter the levels of sugar circulating in the blood. They also often contain unhealthy dyes and other additives.

Also watch out for industrial fruit juices that contain little fruit and too much, too much sugar!

3. Hydration and sport: water is drunk like this

Hydration is also very important when exercising. It is recommended to drink up to half a litre of natural mineral water no more than half an hour before starting the sport and to take about 0.2 liters of water every quarter of an hour, replenishing the fluids immediately afterwards with the foresight not to drink too quickly and not to take water at a too low temperature.

4. Wine: no more than one glass per day

How many glasses of wine do you drink a day? If the answer is more than one, then there are too many.

Alcohol is not useful to the body or its functions. It is not a nutrient (such as proteins, sugars, fats…) but it brings in calories (it makes you fat!), about 7 kcalories per gram. It is also a toxic substance, which causes direct damage to many organs, especially the liver and brain, potentially carcinogenic (increases the risk of cancer) and can induce physical and psychological dependence.

A glass of wine is a pleasure, as well as being harmful to the body. Women, having a less efficient metabolism of alcohol than men, should take it in half the amount of 1 AU daily (1 Alcoholic Unit = 12 g of pure alcohol) which corresponds to about a glass of wine 125 ml, a can of beer 330 ml, an aperitif before dinner or a glass of grappa or brandy as a coffee killer. You have to know how to choose.

For further tips you can consult the specialized assistants Figurella in our centers. What are you waiting for?

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