Covid is a new part of our lives

We can simply say that Covid has become part of our daily lives as we need to continuously adopt measures to protect ourselves and others from this very dangerous virus.

The newest World Health Organization data show that ​​globally, as of 4:14pm CET, 29 December 2021, there have been 281,808,270 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 5,411,759 deaths, reported to WHO. As of 28 December 2021, a total of 8,687,201,202 vaccine doses have been administered.

The omicron variant of this new normal has become the dominant strain in the United States. One of the most important facts that came out from the latest studies is that being vaccinated is drastically important to avoid the need of oxygen to breathe.

In this blog we’d like to highlight another important fact that could truly help staying healthy and minimizing the way a potential infection caused by Covid could affect us.

Coronavirus Attacks Fat Tissue

As shown by research, people who are overweight and obese have been at higher risk of severe illness or worse from Covid. Since the very beginning it seemed like that could be an impactful factor but other overlapping health issues like diabetes clouded the judgements.

Now researchers have found that the coronavirus infects both fat cells and certain immune cells within body fat, prompting a damaging defensive response in the body.

Dr. Philipp Scherer, a scientist who studies fat cells at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, who was not involved in the research said “Whatever happens in fat doesn’t stay in fat,” he added. “It affects the neighboring tissues as well.”

The research has not yet been peer-reviewed or published in a scientific journal, but it was posted online in October, confirming earlier findings by researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York and elsewhere.

The finding is particularly relevant to the United States, which has one of the highest rates of obesity in the world. Most American adults are overweight, and 42 percent have obesity.

Body fat used to be thought of as inert, a form of storage. But scientists now know that the tissue is biologically active, producing hormones and immune-system proteins that act on other cells, promoting a state of nagging low-grade inflammation even when there is no infection.

Inflammation is the body’s response to an invader, and sometimes it can be so vigorous that it is more harmful than the infection that triggered it. “The more fat mass, and in particular visceral fat mass, the worse your inflammatory response,” Dr. McLaughlin said, referring to the abdominal fat that surrounds internal organs.

Fat tissue is composed mostly of fat cells, or adipocytes. It also contains pre-adipocytes, which mature into fat cells, and a variety of immune cells.

How Figurella works on Fat Cells

Your weight is a balancing act. Weight loss means burning more calories than you intake.

You can do that by reducing extra calories from food and beverages and increasing calories burned through physical activity.

While that seems simple, it can be challenging to implement a practical, effective and sustainable weight-loss plan. Making the decision to revamp your diet and shed some pounds takes courage, dedication, time, and effort, but it’s completely possible. Choosing the right approach can mean the difference between short term results and long lasting success.

But let’s not forget the bottom line: the key to successful weight loss is a commitment to making changes in your diet and exercise habits.

Figurella takes the responsibility of following every person step by step throughout their weight loss journey. Success is on the client and on us. Nobody does this. You probably heard a lot of tips and fitness or diet programs but at the end of the day it is on you if you really succeed or not.

Figurella aims at giving you the opportunity to truly understand your body and finally obtain results that will last because we have changed your lifestyle.

Physical Activity and Fat Burning

Individual body temperature depends upon the age, exertion, infection, sex, and reproductive status of the subject, the time of day, the place in the body at which the measurement is made, and the subject’s state of consciousness (waking, sleeping or sedated), activity level, and emotional state. It is typically maintained within this range by thermoregulation.

During the first 30 minutes of exercise, your body is burning sugars stored as fuel. These are used up after about 30 minutes. To keep going, your body releases fat from your fat cells and burns it for fuel.This stored fat is exactly what you want to lose, and it’s a good reason to build up your walking endurance so you can walk for more than 30 minutes at a time.

FIGURELLA – Enzymatic Reactivation System

Because in a weight loss journey it is fundamental to take into consideration the metabolism as a factor,Figurella has developed a method known as the ENZYMATIC AND METABOLIC REACTIVATION SYSTEM.

The daily energy need is influenced by 3 factors:

1. Basal metabolism

2. Physical activity

3. Diet induced thermogenesis

Figurella concentrates the efforts of each single individual to increase the basal metabolism by introducing into their lifestyle a healthy and balanced nutrition, constant physical activity and by increasing the average oxygen level in their body.

The hypothesis of the Figurella Method is to restore the temperature of the affected areas, to bring them to physiological levels and thus achieve the restoration of cellular enzymatic lipolytic activity.

The Figurella Method is composed of 3 steps:

1. Metabolic Reactivation through temperature and Oxygen bath – because of the controlled temperature, we can maximize the activity of the lipase enzyme which not only helps eliminate fat, but also helps maintain the results achieved over time.

2. Body Reshaping – personalized workout in order to focus on the target areas, elimination of toxins, reducing the volume of fat cells and restoring the lymphatic system along with the blood circulation. Thanks to the reduced volume of fat cells, the achieved reactivation of the blood circulation and lymphatic system restores the body’s natural temperature. At this point, it is a matter of maintaining the lipase enzyme constantly stimulated, until our body naturally memorizes and learns.

3. Nutrition: Figurella focuses in the initial phase on the increase of the basal metabolism. Indeed, we suggest a low-carb nutrition, in order to stimulate the thermogenesis and boost the metabolism rate.

BUBBLE WORKOUT – Temperature Controlled

Every client performs a physical activity routine of 30 minutes in our Bubble that controls the individual body temperature for the entire duration. This type of workout makes sure the individual reaches from the first minute and maintain the ideal body temperature. These conditions also help reduce the effect of cellulite and orange peel skin. The movements are low impact and targeted to reduce specific stubborn areas that could vary from person to person but at the same time we can tone up the muscles thanks to the resistances that the bubble is equipped with.


Oxygen therapy has been used for over 100 years all over the world. Dr. Otio Warburg, a two-time Nobel Prize winner in medicine (1931 and 1944) did considerable research on the body’s need for oxygen and claimed the fundamental cause of all degenerative disease is a condition called hypoxia (oxygen starvation at the cellular level). The steam opens up the pores of the skin, and the ozone is absorbed into the pores, affecting distribution through the bloodstream, and then throughout the rest of the body. 

Lose Weigh with Figurella

Figurella is a realistic approach to weight loss and body toning. It is a challenge that you have to be ready to face. Your advantage is the team that will walk the path with you.

You will learn to listen to your body and to balance your lifestyle in a healthy and non restrictive way. Figurella has experience, determination and technology to bring you to your body goals.

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