Eliminates toxins from your fridge

The weekend is the ideal time: clean the refrigerator and make a bit ‘of order in the pantry will help you to start the week at its best.

Unlike those who propose a classic diet, we at Figurella will never tell you to eliminate everything that contains sugars, fats and carbohydrates!

So, just start pulling everything out of your fridge, but really everything. Surely you will find things that maybe you didn’t even know were there yet.

Even the fridge needs its own Detox day! Empty it out and wash it, then take a good look at what you got out of it. Look at it with different eyes: those of a person who cares about herself and wants to stay fit.

Divide the products into two groups: those you would like to eat and those you don’t.

A small but fundamental suggestion: perhaps “light” products, non-fat yoghurt and the plastic bag with turkey slices inside are no longer so inviting. Fresh fruits and vegetables, a few cheeses, fruit smoothies and organic eggs probably inspire you more.

In any case, just put what you really like back in the fridge and take a picture of the products you’ve decided to discard (don’t buy them anymore!!!).

Having a pantry full of good but also healthy things will give you the energy you need to eat better. You will eat more consciously and only when you are really hungry and not at the first feeling of languor.

Your fridge has now had its detox day and is ready to be filled again – with foods you really want to eat. Real, hearty foods and not dietary products that often leave you with an unsatisfied sense of hunger.

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